Last Nail in the Coffin is waiting to be pounded!!

Well.. Eskimos... Roughriders get the task next week to put you away!! :lol:

That's going to be a wild game!! I think it's going to be a dangerous place for any Roughriders fans!!

We all remember what happened at the last Riders/Eskimos Game!..

This one could be worse...

I love the fact that the Roughriders get to have the chance to put the Esks away!!

I don't think it will be much of a game honestly. The Esks will lose, again, and the Riders can get an ego boost (not that some fans need one mind you) heading into the playoffs by kicking last place heinie.

If the Riders lost tommorrow can they still catch BC for first?

No they can't. Lions will be up by 5 with 2 games to go.

No, if they lose tomorrow, they are 7 points back of the Leos, and that would be that.

Good riddance to the Esks for '07 playoffs

Actually, hwgill, if the Riders lose, they're only five points back...but still mathematically out of it, at any rate...first place is all but BC's...

Remember we ALL did our part in putting them away. :wink:
And did you see how furiously Danny M was chewing his gum toward the end of the game last night ? :lol:

..that wasn't gum....he usually has his cheeks stuffed with hazelnuts this time of year.... :wink:

Thanks for clarifying that , I guess chipmunks and other similiar type animals just naturally chew very rapidly.

Danny M will be back next year as head coach though. I read an article somewhere that was stating that there is no need to change coaches, as it would just move the Esks another step backward.

Danny M will be back to coach.

Lucky you...

Lucky everybody else.


Love how it's all the same B.C. fans talking trash. Guess you guys are still bitter about the Eskimos kicking your ass so many times.

Eh. I won't lose any sleep if we miss the playoffs. Should be a good game. And fortunately, it's not on the CBC! :smiley:

I don't know if he will be back...but I doubt it is a done deal that he won't be.
Mid-season is always a lousy time to assess how well a coach has or hasn't done his job.
Personally, I think he has done a good job with what he had this year.
I think people underestimate how lousy the Esks were last year, and how many changes they made this year.

And I will thoroughly enjoy it if next week it is the Riders that drive the stake through the heart...

Now the teams are finally on a LEVEL playing field aka Salary Cap...The Evil Empire is DEAD...please..please bring MacChipmunk back just so the Schmoes can experience over and over what losing feels like.

You might be thankfull that you did not lose your starting QB. I can't to see what enjoyment one might get watching a team beating up on another playing out the string.

Oh! the pain you will endure should your team falter in the second part of the season and that's a posibility many fail to acknowledge.

Your kidding right? 19 years without a home playoff game...18 years without a Grey cup...10 years without a Grey Cup appearance... you could stick pins & needles in our arms we feel no pain... so let us revel in the fact we can stick a nail in a Schmoe coffin.

A team that has not felt much pain in the last 34 years