last Montreal-Ottawa game

was that a dull game or what?

Just makes you hate White… why is he the 2nd QB? That was a nattrocious game!

Mtl vs Ott, was a good game..I was there...:wink:

Mtl vs Hamilton, that was a sleeper...

I still remember the block punt early in the game. Good Times.

I don't see why Montreal hasn't looked for a back-up QB yet. We saw last year how the team failed miserably without Calvillo.

Montreal did nothing in the off season to secure a solid backup. Montreal had a great opportunity to have a Canadian as a #3 QB (Denison still available). Their #2 and #3 QB's have a total of three years of CFL experience. There is something wrong with this Matthews' team. I am very concerned about their defence heading into the playoffs.

The way Ted White plays, there is NO REASON why a Canadian QB couldn't have a job in the CFL, at least as a back-up.

And I can't believe the Als did not even give a quarter of play to Ell Robertson. At least he might have made us curious. With White, we were just bored and ashamed.

T & T, the problem is Matthews doesn't like Roberson at all, and he's still on the team because of Popp...why do I know this...I won't reveal my internal sources :slight_smile:

Roberson was ready to play, but the head coach decided's too bad, because we could have compared them...

Why not open up next year's camp in an attempt to replace all backup QB's. There are a number of veteran CFL QB's available for backup rolls not to mention NCAA and CIS talent. Montreal in the one franchise where a Canadian/Quebec player can flourish. My greater concern is with the secondary. This aspect of the defence seems to get beat deep at least twice per game for touch downs. Any suggestions out there or should the whole defense be revamped?

The problems with the secondary are another example of matthews stubborness. He has had a hate on for almondo curry because he showed up a couple days late and kept him benched every chance he got despite the fact that he played well when called upon in fact in his first game he returned an interception for a TD

First time I saw Ted White going onto the field I thought he was one of the o-lineman.

Almondo Curry is still living on his hype from last year. He hasn't played well at all this year. He's had a couple on interceptions on bad balls, but other than that he's been more than ordinary. I still remember Richardson torching him, leading to Crandell getting 300 yards passing in a half in the game in Montreal. He looked like he had no idea what he was doing out there, and he just couldn't fight through Richardson's size advantage.

The difference this year isn't so much in the play of the DBs (although the loss of Sanchez does hurt), as the lack of a pass rush. It is a lot easier to cover a receiver when you only have to follow the guy for three or four seconds before the ball is thrown. This year, the DBs are having to run with guys for 6 or 7 seconds before the ball is thrown. It leaves time for double moves, which are a lot harder for a DB to cover. When the pass rush isn't working, it will show a DBs weaknesses, which is what happened to Curry this year.