Last in EAST; Last in WEST

Pretty self explanatory.

Who will be last in the east?

Who will be last in the west?


Yes I know it's too early to tell but please humour me.

Last in the East:

Montreal because they finished with a losing record last year and now they have a coaching staff with basically no CFL experience. and Calvillo is aging.

Last In West:

Saskatchewan mainly because of the qb situation. Also the loss of Reggie Hunt and Kent Austin

Edmonton in The West
Montreal in The East

I think the East will be a dogfight!
Hamilton WILL be much stronger this year than have been
Toronto will be impressive under new HC and QB.
Winnipeg will be hungry for another shot at the cup.
But Montreal will come out on the bottom. IMO.

The West will be a bit more defined.

Calgary will struggle for the first half and finish a little stronger.
Saskatchewan and Edmonton will be constantly fighting for the #1 spot with Edmonton losing the last couple games of the season.
BC will be last. IMO

footnote Calgary and Edmonton fates are exchangeable in the what I have written for them.

West: Riders - too many personnel changes

East: Montreal - It will be tight though

Edmontom in the west Montreal in east. Montreal crosses over and Saskatchewan is out.

Edmonton last in the West
Montreal last in the East

no crossover.

Hamilton...because of Printers
Edmonton.... because of chocia.


Well... I think Saskatchewan and Edmonton will fight for third in the west.

Saskatewan lost 3 Leading Vets and Edmonton...Machocia wont lead this team anywhere in the playoffs

Hamilton and Montreal will fight for 3rd in the east.

Hamilton... i dont think they had enough big roster moves to change their record last year although i think they will beat Montreal

Alright. I nearly choked on my pepsi. Go ahead and predict Hamilton to be last. Say you don't like Printers in another thread. But to say that Hamilton will finish last BECAUSE of Printers :roll: eyes still haven't stopped rolling.

On to the real business...

West Standings:
Saskatchewan - Sorry Riderville, you just lost too many vital pieces this offseason.

East Standings:
Montreal - Montreal has been strong because of good players and a great system. With such an inexperienced coaching staff, it's bad news. They have a cross over potential though.

Having said all that, the East on a whole is much stronger than the West this year..for a change.

Montreal in the East. Saskatchewan and Edmonton will fight for third place. You need a proven QB and Crandell isn't it. If Ray stays healthy, then Saskatchewan will finish last.

I love that my Als are the complete underdog whom everyone is picking to finish last in the east. It'll make it all the more sweet when we prove you wrong. :slight_smile:

Tough, tough, tough...

In the East it'll be either Montreal or Hamilton. I say Hamilton because they've been in the basement for so long, it's hard to imagine them anywhere else. But Montreal isn't much better off. No coach with no CFL experience, an aging QB. I'll gamble and say Montreal.

In the West it'll be either Saskatchewan or Edmonton. Saskatchewan lost way too much... Coach, QB, couple guys on defence. But Edmonton still has that idiot who calls himself a coach. It'll be a toss up, but I'll say Saskatchewan finishes last.

of course everyone is entitled to their opinions and who really knows how a season will pan out, but why did you choose BC last in the West? You asked for whys in the original post but gave none. Im just wondering why you think the team that finished first last season, won the cup the year before and still has the bulk of its core returning again this season is going to plummet to the bottom. I mean it could happen to anyone but it doesnt seem likely.

I'm kind of curious why he has Saskatchewan and Edmonton battling for 1st... I think those two teams will be the weakest.

Maybe he meant first team out....

I suppose either team could be eliminated before B.C. finishes in the basement... but it seems pretty unlikely.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The West's basement belongs to B.C. doormats. Without a # 1 qb. all season the naysayers will say "... pull him now to whomever is in at QB!" This creates uncertainty and split loyalties on a team. Sorry Leos you will finish last!! :cowboy:

The East is a tougher. Winnipeg should be strong but something just does not seem right there. Toronto appears to have lots of the pieces but as well something is missing. Hamilton surely has improved but enough??? and Montreal is a big, big question mark. Last place = Ottawa Roughriders - they will NOT WIN A GAME!! :rockin:

No need to apologise Turkey, Back in 2006, many picked BC to finish last, what were those quotes now? Glass Jaw Dickenson? No receivers? No running game? What happened in 2006, well, we won the Grey Cup! :wink:

Please pass the dire predictions along to the other seven teams. Read them often! :lol: