Last home playoff game ?

Can anyone remember when was the last time we had a home playoff game here in Hamilton.It seems like soooo long ago,I can't even remember.I keep telling my kids I will take them to a playoff game for sure,now they are all grown up and haven't been to one yet.

My guess is the 1998 Eastern Final ?

No we have had one since then. What year was it that we beat Montreal (in hamilton) in the Semi-final and then lost to winnipeg in the Division final.?

I think 2001?

November 11, 2001: Hamilton beat Montreal 24-12 in the East semi-final at IWS. They lost the East final to Winnipeg a week later 28-13 in Winnipeg.

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In 2002 they were eliminated by the Saskatchewan crossover and the 2004 playoff loss was in Toronto. So there. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,