last home game for a month?

how crappy is that?

they finally win a game, get the whole city excited, and wont play at home until labourday- a month away.

withdrawls, anyone?

hopefuly when they return, they will be 3-5.

yea that does suck

and also i wont be able to watch the game in edmonton because i going to the states for a week

so that timeing for me was crap

they win one....then i cant watch the next game

really sux

and yea hopefully when they comeback home they will bring a 3-5 record with them and then its time for labour day :slight_smile: ....and back to school for me :cry:

If the Cats can come back to Hammertown at 3-5 for Labour Day, Old Civic will be FROTHING. LOL

For the Cats to make hay in the playoff picture, that is an absolute necessity. Regardless, we have to take care of our divisional games from here on in.

I think we turned a corner in the tunnel. A light is in view. The team needs to step it up with a winning roll to get in the hunt. My guess is that if we divide the season into thirds, we need to finish 4-2 in each of the next two thirds of the year to get in the playoffs: 9-9 in other words. Tough sledding. We have a sled now, mind you! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Log on to or both sites have the game on live. I believe there is a charge on the CFL site though.

yea my dad said we could try and find an internet cafe to watch the game on the internet broadband feeds are not available to the U.S market. He should try broadband instead if accessing from the States.

Oski Wee Wee,

Check the link below for US carriers of CFL broadcasts: broadband is here:

depends where you are in the states, you'll get the game in western new york

I should clarify: I mean far as cable TV, you are correct. I'm only referring to online webcasts.

Oski Wee Wee,

One good thing about not playing at home for the rest of August is that we avoid possible Hot Spell games that this area is famous for. Have seen too many games over the years before Labour Day digress into boredom because of the heat affecting both teams.

I would love to see the cats come home 3-5. And kick the argos butts!!. All these argo fans giving it to us. But their not looking so good now.Hamilton could be looking at second place. I know this is a ways away but its possible. Still a really good crowd of 24000 for the game. Unfortunately being in B.C I couldnt be there but it must have been electric!! the fans havent been that loud in a while. Anyway that must tell all the boycotters something. You cant keep the fans away!!!

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This game isn't available on the Broadband site

Not sure why. I'm pretty disappointed with it. I was really looking forward to watching the game last night.

As well, the BC - Hamilton game isn't available either. I sent them an email and they said the had a satellite problem.
As for Friday's game who knows.

I really hope it doesn't happen any more this season