Last game's Refs...

I have to give Ken Lazaruck and his crew full credit for calling a good game between the Cats and Al’s.

There was no bias, all penalties were fairly made, there were NO game altering mistakes and the video replays were called correctly and accurately.

This standard should be the norm and not the exception in this league. I am weary of watching refs who seem to be seething when they make calls against teams. Lazaruck set the bar high.

A tough job well done! :thup:

I also thought that Kenny's crew did a good job.

I appreciate when the head official explains what he is doing and also explaining the rules.

A very good job to say the least. A lot better than most we get up here.

Perhaps I was watching a different game but I thought I saw several questionable calls. I think it was the back judge(#25) who saw holding on almost every Tre Smith run.His favourite culprit was Thomas (#65).This official is making calls from 15 and 20 yards away while the referee is right there in the backfield,probably 5 yards away from the alleged infraction.
I know we have all gotten used to the referee telling us that an offensive lineman has checked into the game as a tightend but Luke Fritz of the Als came into the game without checking in with the officials.He then proceeded downfield at the snap,throwing a block on our defensive back.That is acceptable on a run play but the Als passed the ball to an open receiver, thanks to Fritz' premature block.I saw 2 infractions on this play and neither was called.
So I guess what I am saying is that the officiating was still pathetic but they didn't cost us the game THIS TIME!
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 )

I still do not understand why 17 seconds was added to the clock late in the fourth quarter. The play immediately prior to the time being added did not take 17 seconds to run. If someone knows the answer please explain.

I also wanted to know why the ref 25 yards away kept throwing the flag for holding. but besides that i thought the game was pretty good.

Wasn't it 12? Either way, that was pretty perplexing.
And, there was a no-yard call on us that, rightfully so, had most of the fans blowing a gasket. But, of course, hard to tell if it was warranted without a replay on the board.

Much better reffing crew than the French Canadian ref and his crew. In my opinion, the worst ref in the league. And, no it has nothing to do with where he is from, so don't get your knickers in a knot.

re- I think it was the back judge(#25) who saw holding on almost every Tre Smith run.His favourite culprit was Thomas (#65)...................... And # 62 was called for holding bringing back a big gane the replay showed that his hands never left the defenders chest, and was far behind the play !! Holding Calls are the most suspect Esp when its called after a big ganer, fact is they could call Holding on every play,! It is rarley called in NFL . Unless of course the wrong team is ahead in the super bowel !

The previous play ended in-bounds with 1:52 left.
Then after a few seconds ran off, the Ticats were offside at the snap of the ball, and the official who called it blew the play dead but nobody heard it, so the play continued and the clock ran down to around 1:40 or 1:39.
Since the play had been blown dead, the clock had to be set back to the time of the whistle, and Lazaruk asked it to be set to 1:43. I think it actually should have been 1:45.
Then the communication co-ordinator (the guy with the red flag who signals when there is a commercial) ran out to get Lazaruk's attention, and have him check with the timekeeper.
It was the timekeeper who told Lazaruk that the clock should be set to 1:52, which was the time before play was blown in. But I'm pretty sure that was a mistake. It should have stayed at the time of the whistle. Lazaruk should have corrected the timekeeper, not the other way around.

Thanks JFL for the explanation.
I think that Bud Steen is definitely the poorest referee in the CFL. As far as crews go I believe that they are changed around weekly.