Last Game

:? I saw most of the last game AND I must saw that execution was better especially offensively.That said,this was not a formidable opponent,but a bit at a time.Defensively it was a so/so performance,and specials (especially punt returns are less than what is needed in the CFL to be a contender.Field position is what gives impetus and Cavillo and his gang are not getting the field position they need.The positive here is that Duval is above average and this helps !!!Again this club needs to keep hammering away and who knows maybe by mid -season it will all pan out..By the way what happen to the little punt returner the Als had in the last 2 years????

If you’re referring to Ezra Landry, he decided he wanted to play in Europe … of course, now that NFL Europe is officially dead, maybe we’ll get him back next year.