Last Game of the year.

I am pretty pumped...there is a lot of talk about Sisco playing! Also sounds like Rod Wright will get the nod in place of Marcus Adams. All I need to see is Dan Clark now! I think all 3 of these players have impact potential:
Sisco - he will be a future leader in our receiving corp

Wright - the build I have been praying for on the D line all year. I believe he is the only DL over 300lb on the Riders squad. Not sure now fast he is, but I have heard he has a good push. That should slow up the rush and create some seems to the QB.

Clark is a beast. I believe his young blood is the reason the Riders were willing to deal Kelly Bates. I believe that the only reason he is not starting is because he still has Jr eligibility. The CFL generally does not count a player on the practice roster against cap if they are a, if they use him on the practice roster he they pay him 10k a year (500 a week), but it is cap free salary, or they dress him and pay a full salary and have to pay someone under cap to take his place on the practice roster...

anyways...Sounds like I might see the 1st 2, but Clark is a long shot till next season :frowning:


Of the people you mentioned, only Wright is on the 46 man roster posted on Riderville. I, too, am looking forward to seeing if this 300 pounder can improve our defence.

yeah, just saw the roster. guess we have to wait to see Sisco next year.

Sisco is on the nine game injured list. Wright will get on the 42, but Clarke will not.

I thought Sisco's 9 game ended after Oct 23 weekend?