Last game of season is @ BC!

I cant 'wait to go see the cats play in person. I have been living in Vancouver for 3 years now and my only chance to see the cats live is the 1 game a year they play in BC. Been a long wait this year.

The only time I ever go to a lions game is to see the Ti-cats play :slight_smile: I just can't cheer for the lions even when they don't play the cats. Feels wrong.. haha

Hope the Ti-cats kick ass!

any other ti-cat fans around the forums from BC?

Yes, I live in New West.

cool. I always see a few ticat fans at bc place when the cats play there. we seem to be all over canada. :slight_smile:

I'm in the west end. Any way we could get some tickets behind the Ti-Cat bench? Maybe the ti-cats have some extras they would be willing to sell us.

that would be awesome!

Hey Bob, can you help us? Willing to pay, just need some tickets behind the bench....

last year I bought the 2 lions tickets for 40 bucks at 7/11. good price but they were end zone seats below the jumbo screen.

I'll be at the game as well.Live over on the island,but always get over to see the Tabbies.Can't wait.

BC Ti-Cat fans represent! :slight_smile: