Unfortunately there are thousands of seats available.

It would look worse if they didn't show they giveaways to charities to resell as sold, even though there are plenty of tickets available on kijiji, etc.

It's pretty sad that its only days away and still so many unsold tickets.

I think fewer and fewer are caring anymore, especially after the performance of the team over the last decade plus, and the off field issues.

I don't blame anyone in the least.

I blame the current organization .


There is so much history here and it is such an event for Hamilton but the Mickey Mouse organization has looked so bad and embarrrassing that they have driven people away

That coach Cortez and his attitude and terrible preparation of a team and bad penalties . His accountabilioty and charactor is like a broken record. They get beat at home by the ARGOS really the one game that the joint is packed and that you just don't lose .
They are the only team i know that gets called so much on pass interference in the end zone and the coach doesn't know when to throw the challenge flag, and they kick on 3rd and less than a yard late in close game . They keep sending out the same DLINE that could not catch your mother or scare your mother . They keep a middle linebacker that runs everywhere except where the play is . They keep sending out db's that play 10 to 15 yards off the ball . They even have a faulty Tee for bleep sake .

I would say approximately 27,000 sold so far.

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Only 1200 Seats left.

From Twitter
Scott Mitchell@ticatmitchell
Saturdays game presentation is outstanding, just got all final details. Trending well for a sell out. Let's get last 1200 tickets sold.

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plus 7 and rain forecast......probably a lot of no shows.....1 out of 2 here, may go for part of the game.

The weather should be no excuse to miss the last game at Ivor Wynne!
Wouldn't care if it were -7.

I have a feeling the crowd will be an embarrassment to the league/team/city.

On the other hand, I guess once and for all this proves how many hardcore fans are left... what a decade of losing will do...

R-i-i-i-ghht.... because sell-outs are always embarrasing.... :roll:

I heard there will be a wrestling match between Obilovich and Mosca. The winner goes in the hot tub with the cheerleaders !

Preety Close to a Sell Out, looks like about 800 seats left.

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This game could rain hail stones the size of basketballs and have a team that has gone 0-18 for years on end, and I wasn't even born nor raised nor lived a lot of my life in Hamilton...


But that's just me and thank god in heck I don't share some of the values that some Hamiltonians have for their "precious" city aka those that live here simply because rents or real estate market values are cheaper than where they work elsewhere in the "GTA" Not saying they have to be TiCat fans or CFL fans or attend this game but simply respect and understand and know the history of where you choose to live in the country of Canada. That's all really.

IWS is more than sports or CFL or TiCats, it's something that Chris Shultz as noted elsewhere is about. But many born and raised Hamiltonians could care less about, oh well, their loss really not having as much in their noggins about what is right under their own feet.

Well there are still 3 singles left in Box J.

Looks like the scalpers will make back some of their losses on this one. None of that 'Buy one get one free' from the guy on the corner this time!

I can't wait for the crowd yelling our support for the D tomorrow...... and the lonely cry of 'STALLLLLAAAAAH'

Oskee wee wee

That interactive TicketMaster seat map is new to me.

It's great to see some seats are still available in the very top rows so the walk up crowd can get seats together. It sure looks like a sell out by game time is coming up, in spite of the rain.

Now there are only two singles left near my seats in Box J

The naming of the boxes in IWS2 should be carefully done. The IWS2 video has a Section 104, which sounds like Roger's dome. Who wants seats in a section with that kind of history? I trust there will be a Box J in the new East stands or the Box J Boys will be in attack mode.

Oskee wee wee