Last game for Tisdale

Shawn Gore lit him up for 116 yards.

Two face mask penalties for 30 yards. At least one taking B.C. out of a punting situation.

Way off of the receivers all night. He's too slow to compete.

I will be shocked if he is still on the roster for next game.

I second this, hes always been hit and miss but this just proves hes not even that good anymore. Cya

Player of the game for the Lions

And the horse collar.

Brutal performance.

Actually, the horsecollar may have been the only thing he did right all night. Prevented a sure touchdown. Of course, had he defended the pass better, it wouldn't have been necessary.

Well if it makes anyone feel better I met up with Delvin Breaux tonight. He came back to BWW and he was a regular there when he was with the Cats. I used to work at that location and we talked after the games when the players came back.

He said he wanted to come back to Hamilton. LOL not sure about that but hey there's hope. He signed my ticket as well. He is a real great guy :thup:

Morning after, reading all I can find, and finally found something that made the corners of my mouth lift up, at least a bit:

Copied from a thread of reader comments, following a game summary on 3DownNation:

Aaron // July 2, 2016 at 1:10 am // Reply

I found myself wondering if a player could actually be released while playing a game. Tisdale proved that he has lost a step, and is a penalty machine (penalized TWICE on one play). Time to clean out his locker, move Stephen back to CB, and start Daley at Safety.

Absolutely brutal! The defence as a whole was poor, but Tisdale just stunk out the place. Even slow getting on and off the field. An embarassment to the coaching staff, an insult to the fans.

Laurent shaky as well. Great runner stopper between the tackles, maybe, but pursuit skills east-west suspect to non-existent last night.

I'm surprised that Orlondo didn't make the switch. Daly can play and put Stephen at the corner. There is still depth at safety and carry a young import CB on the teams and sub him in appropriately. A young developing CB will make mistakes but you can"coach em up". Tisdale never was the answer to any defensive question. I'll say what I said last night while watching the game, "Get em outta there!"

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Thank you, I try my best... :wink:

Stephens plays the other CB position (wide side) when playing CB. Tisdale was playing the (short side) other CB. Stephens cannot replace "Penalty Machine" Tisdale unfortunately.

The "depth" we have at Safety is very inexperienced and would likely either play way too deep like Neil King did in the 2013 Grey Cup game, or, get torched repeatedly, due to their inexperience. Besides, which Canadian would back up Stephens?


Could Pointer switch to the short side, leaving the wide side for Stephen?

And there's no reason they couldn't play an extra national on defence like they did a few times the last couple of years. That way they wouldn't need a national to back up either one.

Win as a team Lose as a team cant put it on just 1 player but he better respond next week or he could be cut KA took all the blame so no way hes cutting Geoff atm.

Daly is not inexperienced at safety. Edem was the Lions safety and Daly is a better tackler and cover guy. Langa would be the depth guy, as well as Stephen. Courtney didn't struggle last year at corner. When you have a hole in the dam (Tisdale), you have to plug it right away. After the dumb ass penalties, Orlondo should have sat Tisdale down. I'm pretty sure the Lions ran their first play right at Tisdale and as usual, he missed the tackle. Enough already with Tisdale! :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)


:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

He is gone

[b]The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club announced a series of transactions on Sunday.

The following two players have been added to the practice roster:
INT – DB – Chris Davis
NAT – WR – Matt Uren

The following player has been released from the active roster:
INT – DB – Geoff Tisdale

The following player has been released from the practice roster:
INT – LB – Ellis Lankster[/b]

Feel bad for Geoff. I realize he obviously struggled but talk about a tough spot to come into. Brought in with no training camp time, thrown into the fire with 3 to 4 practices. Playing boundary corner when he's played to the field side the last few years. I understand the move and by no means am I saying it didn't have to or shouldn't have been done, but boy of boy ... Tough biz.

Hate to see a guy who's played for such a long time & had a very good career go out like this.

:thup: :thup:

All the best to Tisdale, but this needed to be done. No point in having an aging mediocre DB on the decline when we had a bunch of talented up and comers in camp

8) Oh Really !!! :oops:

i'll admit, while I was calling for his head on social media and am glad that it happened, I really didnt believe it would happen. I thought if anything they would just bench him. But this is for the best