Last Game at IWS

Does anyone know whether all the special events that will happen before, during or after that game will be televised? If so where?

there may be tidbits during the broadcast, but to see everything, you'll probably need to be there

For all of those of us, especially those born and raised here (I wasn't but wish I was), I hope they understand what's going on and care. It's your city, your history, your heritage and part of who you are, TiCat fan or otherwise.

I believe that will be the case. Last season was supposed to be the last one at Canad Inns Stadium, and I don't think all the special events that may have happened there were televised.

.....did anyone find it funny tonight when the Ticats brought focus to the "final game" by announcing that there will be fireworks.........isn't it a 1pm game? Fireworks in the middle of the afternoon??????
Was there supposed to be a WOW factor with that?

.........Just wondering. :cowboy:

i just hope the hell the team shows up and one last time the fans can rumble the stands as in years gone bye.

The last game as iws was played several years ago when the team and managemnt really cared. What we have now are a shoddy excuse for a professional sports organization. So spent so much time and money romancing a mediocre coach and over the hill bunch of superstars there was nothing in the kitty left for a decent defense and honest to goodness coaching

I would really like to see a written apology from management coaches and players of this team to the loyal fans of this city. In the Hamilton spectator but that kind of integrity might asking too much

After all they've only endured the worst record in the cfl for the last 20 years. Ten under the current leadership

Sure glad the taxpayers aren't paying for a new stadium Oops. Got that wrong too

The debacle yesterday makes a mockery of the "All Time Team" votes being announced at the last game at IWS.

Now the question I have is, will the Winnipeg/Hamilton game be the last football game, or will the Mitchell Bowl be held at Ivor Wynne when McMaster wins the Yates Cup?

That's a very interesting question!

No doubt,if Mac gets that far,they could easily draw more than the capacity of Ron Joyce Stadium...


It would be nice to see a winning football team on that field one more time before the wrecking ball hits...

I dont think the City of Hamilton will allow McMaster University to play at IWS after refusing the Hamilton Tiger-Cats playing a few games at Ron Joyce Stadium !! :thdn:

When McMaster wins the Yates Cup? I see what you did there. Although it is unlikely that a team in the OUA other than Mac will win the Yates Cup.

Anyway, I believe that would be a good idea.

Attendance at Ron Joyce Stadium for today's game was 5714 according to this: ... 3_88zh.xml

But there was rain in the forecast, so that likely affected attendance. I do believe there could be a big crowd for that game, and it might be best to hold it at IWS. First, I would think that the team would need to get a better idea how much demand there is for tickets for that game.

It does say on the web page for Ron Joyce Stadium that the stadium is expandable to a capacity of 12,000 "when needed for national events", as you can see here: ... facilities

But doesn't that involve closing the street on the other side of RJS, which is what McMaster wanted to avoid?

I don't think the City of Hamilton really cares about that little spat. Getting another day of use for IWS for a locally celebrated team would be more important to them.

My estimate would be for 10,000 which was the attendance for a Mitchell Bowl game when it was held at IWS in 2003. So if Ron Joyce can be expanded it will be more than enough. So the real question is: how fast can the temp stands be set up?