Last game at Ivor Wynne stadium

Tonight on TSN they're showing the last game at Ivor Wynne stadium, Hamilton against Winnipeg.

I saw that notice, it will be fun to watch. We still use a picture of us standing under the sign for the last game on that night as our sign in screen on the computer. Looks like we were cold and wet? Will definitely have to record it.

My brother and I missed that last game . It poured rain and it was cold and miserable . His sons took our seats, so the family was well represented . TiCat
lanyards were given to the last gamers .

Pat Lynch (I love our new THF)

Literally my avatar is a small portion of the picture the Ticats published of the north stands at that game. It shows myself and brother-in-law Kent watching the play. I zoomed in to us as I knew where we were sitting. Lucky neither of us was up at a pee break when the picture was snapped. :grinning: :mask:

One day we'll be together...

I have to admit , I was there that day in section 22 but we left at halftime as my spouse has circulation problems and the rain and cold was getting to be too much. We watched the second half from the Wild Wing on Centennial Parkway. My 12 year old kids are now huge Ticat fans and they were at Ivor Wynne once for Labour day 2012 but they don't really remember. To put everything in perceptive, in terms of the huge player turnaround in the CFL, it was 7.5 years ago and only Mike Filer remains on the current roster.
Does anyone have or know where to find, that panoramic photo the team put out in 2012 of the people in the stands?

I tried man. :disappointed_relieved: :mask:

I wish I had saved the entire photograph. Darn it all. :disappointed_relieved:

Not only is Mike Filer the only remaining Cat on the current roster that played in that final game at Ivor Wynne but he is also the only active player left still playing football from that teams roster that day .

The first half was fairly decent but then it turned into a dog of a game. Being cold and wet didn't help much with the atmosphere. Bottom line is that the Cats retired the old barn with a victory and I'm glad my family and I got to witness it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The first half was great with all the scoring, I liked the part when the talked with Mcmanus and Mosca during the game, that was something that fans who went to the game didn't get to see, which was me. All the history of Ivor Wynne was great to learn too. I miss that stadium and even though it was old and falling apart it seemed better than Tim Horton's field because it was louder and more fans stayed in their seats.


I sit in the wheelchair at THF, which is terrible because we are so far away from the field & we have to deal with everyone on the concourse who are not interested in watching the gane, you are constantly watching the scoreboard, At Ivor Wynne we were at field level & didn't have to deal with all the drunks telling us we didn't belong in the stadium

I'm sorry to hear that. I injured myself a couple of years ago and had to sit where you are, but I don't remember being too far from the field. There are too many that don't sit down and haven't learned that you stay in your seat until a break in the action. Ivor Wynne stadium was better because people had to stay in their seats because there was no bar to socialize in. I miss it.

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Tim O'Neil was the centre in the last game at Ivor Wynn versus the Peg .
Marwan Hage and Mike Filer were also on the roster but I didn't see them in last night's replay . My old eyes may have failed me .
If you compare the 2019 team to the 2012 , the word that comes to mind is

Pat Lynch (the old person still in lockdown)

There was a sideline shot of Filer wearing his old and now retired #68 jersey . As for Hage , he wasn't dressed for this game . He was on the 9 gm IL but I forget what his injury was all about or when it occurred in the season . The O-Line was also without Dyakowski who was also on the IL . Basically the starting line for that game was a patchwork affair with 3 rookies starting (Ballargeon , Dile , Husband) a second year man (Simmons) and O'Neill as the wily old vet of the crew .

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Yes and it looks like Jake Thomas and Henoc Muamba are the only ones from the Bomber's

Actually there is 3 players besides Filer on the current roster that have actually played a game at Ivor Wynne albeit wearing different coloured uniforms . The 3 in question are Simoni Lawrence and Ted Laurent when they were with the Eskimos and Chris Van Zehl when he was with that team from Toronto .

I was talking about guys who played in the last game at Ivor Wynne, who are still in the League.

It was great to see Fantuz & Cobourne playing for us again.

Burris also took a hit from Muamba in the first half & came up whining about it. Quel surprise.


Somewhere buried in my garage under a garageful of stuff I am storing for other people. :disappointed_relieved:

Is this close to what you're looking for ?

I have that poster as well. Mine is framed and autographed. It's part of my Ticat Shrine. The team published online a downloadable super HD 360 degree panoramic in 2012 that you could zoom right into your seat and grab a shot of yourself in the stands. I think I'll contact the team directly.
Attached is a pic of my poster.