Last Eskie Drive

As bad as they played, the game was still on the line when the Eskies ran the ball right through the Cats D like a hot knife through butter on their last drive. It's been a long time since I saw the Cats D play so soft. That was awful and simply unacceptable. With a couple of minutes left and down by just 3, the Cat's D sent up the white flag.

Blackout as many games as you want. Until the team improves, the attendance will drop.

An Argo-Cat fan

And it will be cold come winter time.

LOL, uneffinbeleivable, BF I really thought you had a better head than that, you torch the D about a play near the END of the game, but the O couldnt put up enough points to beat NINETEEN points!!

The D played WAY TOO MUCH tonight!

They did, but the O put us in a position to win the game and they folded when it counted.

Let me rephrase that

the D played WAY too much tonight!!!

Agreed. But its not the first time they have allowed the other team to walk down the field after we get a big score.

ok, and HOW many games have you seen team with win SIXTEEN points WIN???

The last two home games have featured our D not being able to make a top when it mattered.

Yes...they played very well tonight and our O was awful (understatement)...BUT, we broke when we could only afford to bend and it cost us two points...just like against Saskatchewan.

With the extended timeout due to the injury to tucker it was long past taafes bedtime. He woke up later and they informed him of the score.

You have to give credit to the other team instead of always over blaming the home team for losses. The Esks stepped up when they had to so they are the superior team. I think they are not a very good team but they have a lot of talent that don't always play to their potential.