Last cuts

The Ticats have released the following players:

IMP DT Demonte’ Bolden
IMP OL Jack Julsing
IMP WR Jordan Watson
IMP K/P Eric Wilbur

The Ticats have added the following players to the injured list:

NIP DB Dylan Barker
IMP DB Daniel Francis
IMP WR Bakari Grant
IMP WR Marquay McDaniel
IMP DB Bo Smith
NIP DB Chris Rwabukamba

The Ticats have added the following players to the nine-game injured list:

NIP OL Cody Husband
NIP DT Matt Kirk

The following players have signed practice roster agreements with the Ticats:

IMP LB Brandon Denson
IMP DT Ventrell Jenkins
NIP K/P Josh Maveety
IMP DE Darius Powell


Sounds like Albert Smith will be our starting DT. Where's Belton Johnson in all this? I don't think we can keep him, Jimenez, Simmons with Julsing on the PR.

why would we put C-Rwab on the IR? and its interesting to see Grant and McDaniel on the IR as well, I thought it would be Williams on the IR with one of the recievers being cut

Bolden being cut, kind of surprising?

I get the feeling were trying to trade McDaniel. He wouldn't stay on the injured list unless he really is injured. As for C-rwab, we did the same thing with Hinds last year and that worked out pretty well, no need to rush things.

this is very true but where does this leave us at corner? I am NOT comfrotable with Young starting

Rwabukamba is on the IR, Bo Smith isnt back yet

So our DB will be
Hinds-CB (Starter)
Young-CB (?)

I really hope Beswick starts over Young

Julsing appears to be gone .. not on the PR.

Belton is safe.

Serious concerns about the Secondary.

This years team was a very hard team to make.
There are some terrific players that don't have a permanent spot available for themselves.
To the 4 players released, I wish them well!

We're still at 49 on the roster. So does that mean there's still three more to go, probably to PR, before the 1st?

And it definitely looks like they're taking a few liberties with the IR. As do all the teams. Not that I'm complaining - whatever they need to do to protect a few extra bubble players is fine with me.

Wow they Kept 4 WR's wow My Question is who goese when Sam Gets cut by the Giants

it definitely looks like they're taking a few liberties with the IR. As do all the teams
Yes Every Team in our league dose this ..

1 Game IR Counts toward the camp 9 game dose not ..

And if the team can afford it, I saw why not?

Our reicieving corp come July 1st


So even though we kept 4 of the WR on the bubble, only 2 of them made the active, although I suspect Williams might be a reserve or Kohlert

If that happens, I could care less who goes.. lol

Giguere is better then all the guys who just made the team and he is Canadian.. He will be an all-star when he gets here and I hope he stays here his whole career.

It will take me a bit to go through this to see who we kept vs who has been cut, although, it looks like we managed to defer many decisions by putting a bunch of players on the "IR".

A couple of things that standout, the release of Wilbur is a tough one, but it was either him or Medlock. I think this is the right decision as Medlock is more of a pure placekicker and that's how you get points. I really liked Wilbur because he was never afraid to get his nose dirty after kicks, and he has a really strong leg.

Interesting to see that B. Grant is on the IR, while Kelly made the team even after Grant had a great game (well at least 2 catches) in the last game, while Kelly did not really stand out.

It appears that Albert Smith beat out Bolden who played well at times last year. I noticed Smith made some nice plays against the Als. The roster presently only has 2 DEs and 3 DTs on it, hopefully these guys stay healthy. Seams they did this to keep all of the receivers and DBs.

They put 4 DBs on the "IR", which leaves me to believe they are not fully sold on the ones they kept.

I don't like the fact that Matt Kirk is on the nine-game IR. This is going to make the ratio tough to work out.

Overall, nothing too shocking, but they really haven't made the final cuts with all of these guys on the "IR". Not really concerned on offense and teams. The big question will be our defense this year.


Updated roster with 46

can someone shed some light on what the story is with Stephenson? he didn’t play in either pre-season game (or atleast I dont think he did) and they kept him on the active roster?

Thanks. A few of the cuts must have still been there when I looked.

This what Depth should look like starters at the top

  • = Starting CDN

Glen #5
Porter #12 (holder)
Boltus #16

Cobourne #22
Grant #21
Stephenson #24
Thigpen #8

Brown #0 *
Barrenechea #39

Kelly #81
Carter#85 *
Willams #80
Mckay 15
Thigpen #8

Bruce #1
Mann #86
Stalla #88 *
#Kohlert #87

Jemenez #60
Johnson #56
Simmons #59

Dyakowski #67 *
Rottier #65 *
Smith #52

Hage #62 *
Dewitt #53

Thigpen #8
Willams #80

Medlock #7

Baggs #55
Hickman 95

Smith #92
Steel #98 *
Forbes #99

Knowlton #25
Johnson #28
Kanya #45
Carter # 48

Williams #9

Hinds #34 *
Young #37
Beswick #3

#27 Dennis #26
Lee #43
Thomas #4'
Wladichuk #26

Shivers #2
Beswick #3

So we should have 8 Canadians Starting 1 more then CFL Requires

Injury Depth and He great Special Teamer and Backup at HB and FB

They developed Smith for a whole season and obviously feel he is as good or better than Bolden now. Smith would also be less expensive and is about 3-4 years younger.

I bet Bolden signs somewhere else within 2 weeks. He's still in his 20's.