Last Chance to Support the Return of CFL to Ottawa

With the decision to (hopefully) come soon on the stadium issue in Ottawa, here is your last chance to contact Ottawa City Council to show your support for Lansdowne Live and the return of CFL football to Ottawa:

Georges Bedard:
Rainer Bloess:
Rick Chiarelli:
Diane Deans:
Clive Doucet:
Peggy Feltmate:
Diane Holmes:
Gord Hunter:
Christine Leadman:
Maria Mcrae:
Shad Qadri:
Marianne Wilkinson:

Go Ottawa Rough Riders Go!


If you don't mind, I'm going to post these addresses in a facebook group.

I have emailed the mayor but I don't live in Ottawa. Hopefully the people that do that want the CFL to return will email. Good idea dmont!

You go right ahead sir!

Much appreciated.

Thanks Earl!

The fans in this league are the best.

I've been working Alex Cullen and Shad Quadry of late. Both have made comments about how Lansdowne is a poor site because it doesn't offer rapid transit. I pointed out that neither does Melnyk's plan, but that if they have a better idea for a stadium location, I'm interested in hearing where, and who will pay for it.

I find that last part gets ignored an awful lot. :-/

Did ou see Doucet's comment in yesterday's papers? "I'm now of the opinion that a stadium doesn't belong in Lansdowne Park". Lol...Shocker to everyone, I know...But at least he's stopped pretending otherwise. So I contacted him too to remind him that his personal opinion should not take priority over the 72% who named FCS a priority at Lansdowne Park during the Design Competition. You know, the Design Competition that Doucet himself keeps cramming down our throats...

Hey CRF, I'm putting a letter together. How many quick facts can you come up with that support Lansdowne Live? I wanna put as many as I can into the letter.

I'll try to gather some stuff for you tonight. Really, aside from Glebe-specific nonsense, most of the results have been positive.

Actually, dmont, do you mean things like poll results, or more "personal experience" stuff like how getting there is easier than Kanata, how U. of O. depends on it, that kind of thing?

I'm talking numbers


Don't worry CRF, I just sent an e-mail to each councillor. Nothing more I can do but watch and see what happens.

I've spent the last hour individually e-mailing Ottawa City Council. Next I'm going to write my MP, Ottawa's MP's and the PMO. Let's show them we care dammit!
Go Ottawa Rough Riders! May the Glebes and Horn Chen burn in the lowest pits of hell forever

With all of the great work you guys have done, how about a last minute rally to show actual support in front of the politicians?

Excellent idea, I'd be down but too bad I'm going to school in London.

Already heard back from Bob Monette. He's a supporter, and asked me if I wanted to speak on the 20th. I'm living in London, so obviously can't make it, but if any of you guys ARE interested in speaking I'll send you my letter and you can see if there's anything in it that you could use.

I Know, I thought the same thing as I hit the “send” key, the Mayor is going to say “Where the hell is Clinton BC and why does he care?”

Oh well, maybe he will count numbers and not pay attention.


Have received responses from five councillors (or at least their offices) so far. Mostly positive stuff, we’ll see if they follow through.