Last Chance Lions Fans do or die!

Okay Lions fans admit it right now the team you fear your Lions are playing this weekend and your not getting the sleep you really need. Come on admit it that smack talk thread is basically been dead I tried to get things going and not one good reply. Are you rdier fan burned out or are ya scared! :cowboy:

Hi RW, I reckon the Lion faithful are yeller! can't blame em really.


Nope not scared. They lose they lose they win it will be a plesant suprise. I'd be more worried if I was a Rider fan. I mean all those rider fans saying how they're going to beat the lions and then roll over Calgary cause because Burris will choke. Now what happens if the Stamps beat the Lions they are way off and if Burris chokes and the Lions win then its a worst case senario cause you have Lions fans thumping there chest.

I love how Lions fans are so concerned with the Riders! It's nice to know you care :wink:

I do care. If your team wasn't any good next year beating them would hold no meaning. It would be like playing the Ti-cats right now. Its a lose lose situation. You win yay you were suposed to win and if you lose something is seriously wrong. Sides I was just joking around :wink:

Fear ?....NOT ! Remember we are the underdogs.... eveything to gain, nothing to lose. Can't wait for the game, should be a great one ! :rockin:

Can't wait for this game!