Last Chance for Troy Smith?

[b]CFL Official Feed?@CFL FYI RT @DidierRDS: The Alouettes coaching staff have told QB Troy Smith that he needs to play better. Otherwise he will be replaced. #CFL[/b]

Who are they replacing him with? Tanner Marsh? I think they stick with Troy for a while, or make a trade for his replacement.

Based on back-ups that might be ready for prime time, could a trade be in the works for Matt Nichols in Edmonton? It looks like he is the number 3 guy with the Eskimos but who could the Eskimos get in exchange? The only guy on the Montreal roster that I think would help the Eskimos fill an immediate need is Larry Taylor

Not a surprise. Smith has been brutal so far. No one's asking him to be the next Ricky Ray or Henris Burris, but he needs to not suck abjectly and consistently game in and game out. The nadir was 9 yards of passing in a half of football. That's rock bottom right there. If he doesn't rebound this week -- and by rebound I just mean not sucking, not leading his team to a win -- he'll be toast, and rightly so.

Well, the Larks are hosting the Argonauts this weekend.
Given how the eastern division teams are playing, Smith might survive for another week.

Nonetheless, I'm taking the "under" points on this game. :wink:

Last chance for Troy Smith? I hope so. Otherwise Montreal will continue to pile up the losses. Hell, they'd be better off with Michael Bishop.*

*We haven't heard his name for a while. I had to say it. :lol:

Personally I would rather have Casey Printers :wink:

Yes his numbers last week were epic bad, but it can’t all be blamed on Smith. Players need to be prepared, right plays at the right time to be called in, leadership, defence providing spark for a struggling O - none of these were evident last week.

I can’t see them making a trade yet, they will try inhouse first (Marsh/Brink). At least Brink has experience running a crappy offence :wink:

Indeed. Not all the blame should go to Smith, but he has been awful and that’s on no one but him. The D was poor, but they have at least shown that they can be dominant when they’re on their game. Dinwiddie has gotten better at playcalling since the start of the season. Pass protection has actually been pretty good – most of the sacks are the result of Smith either running out of his protections and right into a defender, or simply holding onto the football for too long. If he can’t do better than the BC game, he’ll be cut. The coaches have already said that if he isn’t better, Brink will replace him.

As for the Bishop comparison from above, I was using it last year. This year, I’ve stopped using it … because Smith isn’t even as good as Bishop was. :oops: :oops:

I’d like to see Brink get another shot - I was a big supporter of his when he was coming up with us. I preferred him over Elliot. He to me seems like a genuine nice guy -and I’d like to see him rewarded for his perseverance. But pass protection will be key. Brink was also sacked a lot due to holding on to the ball too long. His rushing skills are underrated too.

You might get your wish soon. Higgins and Dinwiddie have both said that if Smith continues to struggle, they’ll likely turn to Brink before Marsh. Brink looked the best of the three ( :lol: :cry: ) in preseason and he’s got the most experience of any QB on our roster. And I too remember liking his ability rushing out of the wildcat formation in Winnipeg. Lastly, and I hope that my expectations won’t be crushed yet again, but I don’t see how he could possibly be worse than Troy Smith has been. hopes and prays

I think Montreal should give away the farm and get Tate from the Stamps. Win Win :twisted:

As for the Bishop comparison from above, I was using it last year. This year, I've stopped using it ... because Smith isn't even as good as Bishop was.
They both have passes going 10 yards over receiver heads ... but when Bishop did "hit the receiver" they couldn't catch it and it would pop up another 10 yards above them. He was very consistent like that.

They should at least try if they haven’t already.

I hear that Max Hall is looking for work :wink: I hear rumour that his EI is about to run out,and McDonald’s hasn’t called back yet
Maybe they can make Dinwiddie into a player coach :roll: All kidding aside,I have to agree with you on this,something has to give in Montreal and soon or unfortunately this season could be a total write off for the Al’s. The thing of it is though is that on paper you’ve got a pretty decent team in my opinion,you just don’t have anybody to pull the trigger on a so far pop gun of an offence.It’s unfortunate but the Al’s and their fan base got spoiled by having Calvillo around for as long as you did with all his success,it’s next to impossible to replace a legend like that,and unfortunately the team never really groomed anybody as his successor in all those years when you were dominating the East and going to all those Grey Cups.It looks like now the team is paying for all those years when you were a powerhouse,and not thinking about the day when you longer had Calvillo pulling the trigger and winning all those games for you.

Seems like tis so:

idier Orméjuste @DidierRDS · 22h

If Troy Smith ends up being benched, expect Alex Brink and not Tanner Marsh to replace him. #Alouettes #CFL

Didier Orméjuste @DidierRDS · 22h

#The Alouettes’ coaching staff feels comfortable with QB Alex Brink. They want to get him more involved. CFL

The question that still needs to be answered is whether the troubles all are on Alex Smith or if there are deeper problems. The offense has been in disarray since the sudden firing of Worman and the pseudo ascension of Dinwiddie to playcaller but not the title of OC. Higgins looked lost. No Duron Carter for most of this season. And this week there were also reports of players half hearted effort on the field. If you wanted to go in an opposite direction from the way Trestman ran things, this seems to be it. I’m a Brink fan too, but it seems like even if he or any one else steps in they are destined to fail. Maybe that’s why they won’t go to Marsh immediately so as not to irreparably destroy a young QB with this fiasco going on.

There are definitely problems that go beyond Troy Smith, but we can't get away from the fact that his individual performance has been horrific. From not taking a snap cleanly to not knowing his protections to over/underthrows to locking into a primary read to holding onto the ball too long, he just hasn't come anywhere close to executing at a pro level. I don't care whether your OC is a rookie or not -- when you post up 9 yards of passing in a HALF OF FOOTBALL, you are not getting it done. Friday's game is probably the last chance he'll have. If he stinks it up again, expect Brink to come in at halftime. After which I'd expect Smith would get his walking papers in short order.

While I agree that Smith should be under a very short leash I am surprised that that information would be given to the media. Its one thing to go to your player privately and tell him that he must play much better or he'll be replaced. Its another thing to let that info out to the media, public, before the game. Confidence and humiliation are fragile things. Bad call to go public in my opinion.

I'd be very cautious if I was Popp in regards to letting the coaching staff throw Smith under the bus. The whole offense is playing badly. Green has been pouting since his bff asked to be released. Carter hasn't played a game. The OC is greener than an avocado... His stats are similar to Durant. Sometimes you have to look a little deeper.


Carter hasn't played a game.
He played the opening game of the season.
His stats are similar to Durant.
In what way? If you can make a case, I'm all ears, but it seems to me that if you're going to make a statement like that, you should back it up with some statistical comparison.