Last chance for Riders Fans to Save Face

OK, Riders fans. I'll give you all one last chance to bow down to the supremacy of the mighty Lions in light of our back to back trashing of you this year. I would advise you to take this goodwill gesture as an opportunity to admit we are a better team and you will be lucky to keep the game within 21 points. That way when you lose today you won't look so amateurish in your football knowledge.


Dude, I want the Leos to win too, but that's a pretty cocky post...if they lose...the Rider fans here are going to be all over you.

That being said, I expect a Lion win by 4.

They'll be lucky to keep it within 21? Wow... I almost want the Riders to win now just so you can look like an idiot... :lol:

...Riders don't need to win to make him appear an idiot...

I predict a 42-28 Lions win.

And if the Riders do fluke off another one,I'll change my orange shirt to red.

I think he is just confident in his team to win by 21 points. I will be cheering on those Lions as well today!

...for those of you who have difficulty in comprehending the meaning of comments, allow me to explain. I did not anywhere in this post call anyone an idiot, and defy you to quote exactly where I said Swervin or anyone else was an outright idiot. What I said was that he appeared as though he were one, as in acting like one...meaning that by starting this thread, he appears to be quite foolish...:roll:

Anyone remember when Kevin Eiben said the Bombers wouldn't score 10 points... When you make predictions like that, you usually look like an idiot.

yeah, swervin seems to love the attention he gets by his stupid comments.


jm02 is acting like a troll
Notice how I didn't call him a troll


Is jm02 a lawyer or does he just portray one on TV?

If you think SHE is acting like a troll, you obviously need to look up the definition of the word.

The comment was made, people reacted, things were explained (by TWO moderators)'s time to move on and give Swervin the attention he so desperately craves.

So is this thread about Swervyn? I'm confused.

I thought it's about the Riders trying to save their faces? Three words - Oil Of Olay.

I rather enjoy swervins post. Nowhere do I find it idiotic. The team that wins I suppose their fans will have a bit of bragging to do. Servin you have lots of confidence in your team.

Go Lions Go

yeah this coming from someone who isnt' any better himself and causing problems.

Yup that came back to bite Eiben in the butt, this post for Swervin... not so much.

All the credit in the world to the Lions, but the Riders Offense gave you this game. Don't expect to play the same way and get past Calgary.

No one "gave" us anything....we took it. Don't credit your team for doing anything other than losing today. The Lions showed up (big time). You did notice that they beat you by 21 points? They scored those and, although the offense had a slow start, we dominated for most of the game. Sour grapes sound a little like whine to me.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but you can all call me god. The official guru of the CFL. 21 points is what I called for and we won by 21 points.


GREAT CALL SWERVE! Doesn't look like you're the idiot now!


Swerv...I'm bring some tea leaves over for you to read. Nicely done.