Last 4 games for TiCats and A####s

Toronto at Hamilton

Hamilton at Montreal
Toronto at Winnipeg

Montreal at Hamilton
Winnipeg at Toronto

Montreal at Toronto
Hamilton at Winnipeg

First place is attainable for Hamilton with a must win next week and Hamilton could very well win their last 3 games.

In that case, Toronto would need to lose just 1 more game

Looking at each team's remaining schedule: play each other again,tie-breaker game for season's series
Let's be homers and give that one to the Cats............Tor-9-6/Ham-8-7...The KEY to the whole scenario,must win!!!!
Next is Mtl....we win again,Tor has a freebie against Wnp,Tor win.......Tor-10-6/Ham-9-7.We take season series vs Mtl.
We sweep Mtl at final home(Guelph)game of season,Tor gets yet another freebie agst Wnp....Tor-11-6/Ham-10-7
Mtl upsets Tor in final game,Cats get the freebie game this time against record...Tor-11-7/Ham-11-7

The CATS finish in 1rst by way of taking Tor. 2-1 in season series......East Final in Guelph!!!!(1rst EF for Cats since "98")

If this scenario works out,like I predicted.......CATS 1rst, They CAN DO IT!!!!!! :rockin: GO GET EM CATS!!!!!
6-12...4th place.....2012.....11-7...1rst place.....2013....Worst to FIRST.....YA GOTTA BELIEVE,IT CAN BE DONE!!!! :rockin:

If the Cats do finish first the league might ponder having the east final at Rogers.

No way! :thdn:

while I love everyone's optimism, we won a game. I do believe we have the talent to finish first but let's put a string of wins together first before we plan the parade. We are turning into hardcore leaf fans with this parade planning already. (for the record, I am a leaf fan but like a true Hamiltonian would dump them in a minute if we got a hockey team) :lol:

Guys, it’s not happening. Lets focus on second.

That team gets Ricky Ray back next week, and they’re 6-1 (!!) on the road this season. They then get Winnipeg twice and Montreal once. Even if we beat them in Guelph, which one of those final three do they lose? None.

Sorry, but I get nervous when I start to gaze down the schedule with an eye to making predictions. Worse, I'm seldom right.

Perhaps, we should do what the players and coaches constantly preach when they are faced with such a question....


I agree, it will be a tougher Argo team with Ricky Ray in the pocket. But if the Cats can prevail next week, it will be the most positive sign this season.

Here here to that. Funny how the Leafs and Buffalo both claim Hamilton as their market, but neither of them will even hold a pre-season game at Copps, a 17,000 seater. No I suppose London is more important. :roll:

In my mind a semi final in Guelph and a final at Skydome between the Cats and Blewteam would be almost perfect.

No doubt Toronto is good, but I think they're slightly overrated. I really feel they got very lucky for at least a couple of games.

Even with Ricky Ray, Toronto is very beatable as evidenced in the first game of the season.

Keep reading how Hamilton can't compete or beat the big boys, but they've beaten both Toronto and B.C., and gave Calgary a hard fought competitive game at McMahon.

Grey Cup is up for grabs.

Montreal has already beat them once, proving they can do it again.

I wouldn't even rule out a Winnipeg upset either.

Toronto is not unbeatable.

Toronto's last game of the season against Montreal is likely to be a meaningless one for the Als.

Also, our remaining two games against Montreal aren't going to be easy. We were lucky to beat them in Moncton, and still have a game to play at Molson Stadium, where the Cats never win.

I'd really be shocked if we finished first. Just don't see it happening.

Unless Edmonton wins a couple of games, then the Als might be fending off the crossover.

Good thinking!

Right now, Montreal has 2 more wins. Remaining 4 games

Edmonton at Saskatchewan
Winnipeg at Montreal

Calgary at Edmonton
Hamilton at Montreal

Edmonton at B.C.
Montreal at Edmonton

Edmonton at Saskatchewan
Montreal at Toronto

Tough road for Edmonton. Tough opponents and only 1 home game.

On the TSN broadcast last night they said the League will NOT move any playoff games away from Guelph.

you are forgetting that Montreal and Edmonton are about to get a game underway........

also, Montreal plays Hamilton in the second to last week, not Edmonton

Oops! That`s a biggie! :oops:

Go Edmonton!

i'd prefer for montreal to win today, i'm not a fan of playing western teams in the EASTERN playoffs

I just want Montreals last game in Toronto to motivate the Larks to beat the A___s, so if Edmonton can threaten Montreals playoff berth, all the better cuz the A___s create a vacuum with their lips.