Last 2010 depth charts versus actual rosters

Based on the last depth charts of the last games of 2010,here are,as of today,the numbers of departures per team.

Edmonton: 22,i.e. 15 imports and 7 non-imports. Most notable departures are:Goss-CB-I-,Drew-DB-I-,Gordon-DB-I-,Lloyd-MLB-I-,Restelli-LB-I-,Romero-DT-I-,Ellis-DE-I-,Mass-QB-I-,Zabransky-QB-I-,Glatt-MLB-N-,Bates-OL-N- and Talbot-SB-N-.

Hamilton: 16,i.e. 9 imports and 7 non-imports. Most notable departures are: Tisdale-CB-I-,Hayward-DB-I-,Floyd-MLB-I-,McIntyre DT-I-,Cobb-RB-I-,Trafalis-QB-I-,Reid-DT-N-,Gauthier-LT-N-,Ramsay-RT-N-,Bauman-WR-N- and DeAngelis-P/K-N.

Calgary: 10,i.e. 6 imports and 4 non-imports. Most notable departures are: Anderson-CB-I-,Browner-CB-I-,George-DE-I-,Archibald-LT-I-,Lysack-FS-N-,and Lazeo-C-N-.

Saskatchewan: 10,i.e. 6 imports and 4 non-imports. Most notable departures are: Adams-DT-I-,Jones-DE-I-,Morgan-CB-I-,Fantuz-SB-N-,O'Day-C-N- and Alexander-CB-N.

BC: 9,i.e. 4 imports and 5 non-imports. Most notable departures are: Brown-DT-I-,Arceneaux-SB-I-,Davis-RB/KR-I-,Haji-Rasouli-RG-N-,Wilson-WR-N- and Whyte-P/K-N.

Montreal: 7,i.e. 5 imports and 2 non-imports. Most notable departures are: Seagraves-LT-I-,Leak-QB-I-,Cobourne-RB-I- and Cahoon-SB-N-.

Winnipeg: 6,i.e. 2 imports and 4 non-imports. Most notable departures are: Hunt-DE-I-,Fritz-LG-N-and Inglis-LS-N-.

Toronto; 4,i.e. 2 imports and 2 non-imports. The most notable departures are: Taylor-DT-I- and Belli-DT-N-.

While I did not take into consideration the departures of players who were on the injured lists,at the last games of 2010, I would like to include a few notable departures from:

Hamilton: Hudson-OL-N
Montreal: Proulx-S-N-
Edmonton: Bell-FB-N-,Peterson-SB- and Jackson-KR-I-.

In terms of departures,Edmonton and Hamilton are quite above the other teams; the departures amongst non-imports,for these two teams,are also high compared to the others; I think that it is a main concern in Hamilton;hence,while Edmonton has no less than 9 departures amongst non-imports,players have been signed from other teams. They are: Alexander-DB-N-,Bauman-WR-N-, Ramsay-OL-,Inglis-LS-N- and Reid-DT-N-; furthermore, they had 2 players drafted in the first round of the CFL draft-Mitchell-OL- and Coehoorn-WR- and Lopez in the secound round.

Hamilton? No less than 8 non-imports are gone and only Smith -OL-,who was injured for most of the past two seasons, has been signed from other teams. CFL draft? No first round choice and the first player chosen,in round 2,is a Junior/going back to school/10 2011.

Presently,Hamilton has only 23 non-imports on its roster; the numbers for other teams are: Toronto:27,BC and Edmonton: 31 each,Saskatchewan:32,Winnipeg:33,Calgary:34 and Montreal:35.

If I was a Tiger-Cats fan,I would be pessimistic with regards to the upcoming 2011 season; difficult to win without quality non-imports along with depth in non-imports; while they have a few good-non-imports,they lack depth; a few injuries to the non-imports and they are "foutus'. For the League's sake,let's wish them a good season.


Thanks Richard and appreciate the work of your research.

Thank you.

The numbers for Calgary should read: 11,i.e. 7 imports and 4 non-imports. Johnson-DT-I- was omitted.


Damon Duval-P/K-I- should have been included amongst the Als notable departures.


Some might argue the use of the "notable" in that sentence. :wink: