last 2 games are saying long, actualy the whole story.

I don't want to be too hard, but I don't like what I see in Montreals.

The team has no spirit whatsoever. A good team deserves a coach, not someone doing a gazillion things altogether in order to save money. And it shows, with all the penalities, the lack of leadership and the lack of winning strategies?

The team invest in Calvillo. Why? When have Calvillo shown us he could handle the pressure? When have he shown us that he could win the big games? Only one ring, in 2002, aside from that, 4 losses. Why continue wasting money on a too old, can't handle the pressure, can't run, don't like too much good carrier? Why invest in a loser?

Cahoon is NFL material, heck, he should run as Montreal's mayor. He could easily have the "I get the job done" moto. The guy catches, kicks, make miracle play nearly everyweek, why not use him more? I know you don't want him to get injured, but whats the use if he watches the big game at home cause the team did not do the finals?

Why scrap all the good players and send them to the other teams? I can't count all the good players that hurt us when the guys we keep can't hurt them as much.

Montreal have a long history of bad teams, and I don't see any improvement coming in the football field. That sad, because us, the fans are paying twice, we pay the tickets, and we pay for the losses. I don't know why Cahoon or any good player would stay with the "Als", why stay with a team that lacks the desire to win?

The last 2 games showed us what's going on, it says long, actualy, it says the whole story.

Yeah, what a loser that Calvillo is. A Grey Cup ring and three more Grey Cup appearances, about to pass Danny McManus in all-time passing yards, did everything he could to lead this team to comeback after comeback in the 2005 Grey Cup when our defense couldn't stop an autistic child from reaching the end zone, has played fairly well this year despite an incompetent head coach, a fool of an O.C., and an O-line that leads the league in sacks allowed.

Yes, clearly a loser. :roll:

Sigh Calvillo is not the problem the offensive line, offensive coordinator and head coach are. You could take a QB that is a combination of superman, jesus, and the best QBs of all time in their prime and the team would still be an unmitigated disaster because the guy would have absolutley no protection and pitiful playcalling

Pierre Vercheval who I really respect as far as an analyst says in this weeks column on that it is plain to see where the major problem lies on this team.

He says when an Oline leads the league in sacks allowed and can not create a hole for Running Backs it is clear to him that this is where the biggest problem is. He isn't pointing the linesmen themselves or hinting at a solution but he thinks its a combination of many things.

I say with two games left I'd experiment, Mix things up.

1- go with an empty backfield and extra down linesmen. The opposition know when the Als are running or throwing the ball anyway.

2- Script some sets with Brady to mix things up, use play action. and a Wing-T formation to bash dlinesmen and Linebackers in the chin.

If the Als are going to get out of this funk, they will have to become more agressive. This I'll say it again P.u.s.s.y Offense of Bellefeuille is destroying this team. These guys might not say it but inside they know they are beat before they even hit the field.

Hard to argue those points mada. Marcel B destroyed Saskatchewan! Why on gods green earth would Montreal want him? Popp needs to concentrate on being a GM and bringing in a better O-Line. He should find a new Head Coach.

He was originally hired as basically a token job for a french canadian which would serve as a good community relations effort. The job he was given was really a no brainer it was the RB and Receivers coach at the time we had 4 1000 yard receivers on the team including veterans like Cahoon and Vaughn who really needed very little coaching anyways so there was really only something to gain from giving him that job. As an OC he is in so far over his head and only has negative experience but teams will just see experience rather than just how awful he is.

Marcel Bellefieulle (and Ive said this so many time this year) is living proof that you will be more successful as a famous catastrophe than an annonymous genius

The sooner you fire him, the sooner Montreal turns things around!