Las Vegas Raiders wave Derrick Moncrief

Boy it

Interesting story, but perhaps this belongs in the Roughrider section?

Maybe , but he would be free to sign with any team so thought it belongs here


While free to sign with any team, since Sask. released him to pursue NFL opportunities I would be surprised if he did not re-sign with your team. Mine? We are pretty set at LB and likely wouldn't have any cap space available.

I have pointed out to the Mods that I think this belongs on the Rider site. Why don't we let them work it out? Perhaps they can leave this here and just post your original post on the Rider site? :football: :slightly_smiling_face: :mask:

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The poster knows that we have the most followers in the CFL . There are more eyes here than any other site .

Pat Lynch (the eyes have it!)


just be careful where you stick your nose :slight_smile:


Hopefully , jocularity was your goal .

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

you bet says I. I did I did I really did