Las Vegas Posse

It was funny, I do remember watching that game.

Even though the first time he sung the national anthemn to O Christmas Tree, he came back and did it properly. At least give him props for wanting to come back and sing it right!

I seem to recall the guy was called up and sang to anthem properly during another game in Canada.
Does anyone remember.

I think maybe it was in Hamilton.

I think you are right. I vaguely remember that.

I fully agree with that, I sing both anthems at any sporting event i go to that includes both anthems. And ya i have seen some canadians like that one women who took 2 attempts before afalling on the ice, and we do amke good.

nice to hear that this guy came back and made things right.

And actually last year i tried to get a volunteer gig at can west global park to sing the anthems and goldeye baseball games.

Its one of my pet peeves when people butcher anthems. It happens alot though. An anthem represents a country, so it should be sung like it was written. Its one thing to sing bad, but completly different to make up your own tune.

Even still, I couldn't help laughing. :lol:

Maybe it would have sounded better if he was wearing a Santa Claus outfit!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree…

I remember my trip to Vegas very well when 800 Bomber fans went down to support our team. I think the total attendance was about 2000.