Las Vegas Posse


Plain and simple, that was terrible! :lol:

That was freakin' hallarious. "With growing hearts" and "true and strong and free" that's so good, and I thought I sung bad, trust me I make William Hung sound like a grammy award winner.

it sounds like oh Christmas tree

It does, doesn't it :lol:

Yes and he was one of the better ones. I was at a couple of games there and never seen this guy but the two I heard were not much better. This guy decided his own rendition. the two I saw actually sounded like Oh Canada but had the words all wrong and could carry a tune to the back yard and bury it. :lol:

its funny cuz he started off so nicely and then fell apart by the second line. LOL. man we canadians sing their anthem very well most times better then them would be nice to have the same. lol.

wow, just wow.

Those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end ...

Too much, good find!. :lol:

He came back to Hamilton about a month after that mess and sang the anthem properly

That was brutal.. you'd think if you are going to sing a country's National Anthem you'd at least take the time to learn it PROPERLY!!

The guy appeared on CBC after he did his kick-ass rendition in Hamilton. He explained that the echo in the Las Vegas stadium threw him off completely. I can't fault him as there was no accompanying music to keep him on track. When he made his appearance in Hamilton as a make-up gesture he gave one of the most powerful performances I've ever heard. :thup: Thumbs-up to lounge singers everywhere.

To be fair though the guy has a great salad going! Its the same style as the cheerleader they show.

Barry Melrose at his best couldn't touch this guy's hair.


We should save this link for the Expansion zealots who want to go back to the USA! :roll: :roll:

I wonder how they'd like my version of "Jose can you see?" :roll: :roll:

Don’t think people don’t notice either. More than a few times I have been watching a hockey game and people have actually been shocked that Canadians were actually loudly and noticeably SINGING both anthems. Few people here ever sing the anthem.

dam that was bad :thdn:

That’s very true, rpaege. I go to a lot of baseball parks and I’m surprised to see Americans never sing the Star Spangled Banner. Sometimes in the 7th inning stretch they’ll play God Bless America as a Sept 11 tribute—but again no one sings along.

It really goes against the stereotype of Americans being so patriotic.

Maybe we stereotype them as maybe we tend to think they are loud when we see them on vacation and when we talk to them and they find out we're Canadian, they want to be loud on purpose sort of thing. But amongs't their own, they really are no different than Canadians in how exuberant they are. I don't know. But then I think they do tend to be more exuberant when we see them cheering at sports games. Who knows but agree, it does go agains't the stereotype for sure.

lol, that was funny. That must have been one of the cooler nights in Las Vegas, the guy is wearing a jacket.

in a way it is kind of funny, watching an American butchering the Canadian National Anthem. to top it off it looks like he has the words on a paper in front of him.