Las Vegas Odds

I would have put the cats infront of the stamps but what do i know

I went to this site guys are nuts calgary only 5.5 wins easy money some of the CFL lines are worth going after, I have played at this site - good company but CFL games for regular season are EASY Money


go stamps go win me some dough

nice… am i being retarded, but what happend in '81?

Last year’s odds of winning the Grey Cup on June 15, 2004:

  • Montreal : 2 to 1
  • Edmonton : 5 to 2
  • Toronto : 7 to 2
  • Winnipeg: 4 to 1
  • BC: 6 to 1
  • Saskatchewan : 10 to 1
  • Ottawa: 15 to 1
  • Hamilton: 30 to 1
  • Calgary : 30 to 1

just what I thought from the Vegas oddsmakers…a bunch of unrealistic jumble…thanks third and ten for those 04 odds… maybe Sporrtsmen can peruse those figures and realize how much they do misconstrue what ACTUALLY happens on the field …but then nobody has a crystal ball …even those guys in Vegas… and as.long as you are betting , that’s the only result the Vegas guys are interested in or knowledgeable about . :!:

I can’t believe some of you guys…I don’t think one Eskie fan has chimed in and claimed the Esks champs because they’re vegas faves.

Hey Dave, do you regard the oddsmakers with such disdain when you see NFL odds at the beginning of the season? Do you think they each ride the horses entered in the Kentucky Derby, or Preakness before laying the odds? Gimme a break…it’s called research. And Papa, they’re such fools? I bet three quarters of the posters here would have laughed at the Argos 7-2 odds last season should they have been posted…right? Top three? Not bad, I’d say.

we(bombers) may not be winning the cup but to place us last is a little ridiculous. we just might be the team that surpsrises some people. at least i hope so…

I could pick nos. out of the air and make them sound legit…c’mon eski-moses …they are not realistic… taking in all the other odds given last year, that were blown and not even close…I wouldn’t give the Vegas guys very much credibility … :roll:

:evil: I am SO FRIGGING SICK of arguing with people who put words in my mouth! :evil:

Apparently I have to explain every little thing I say to those who jump down my throat in response to what they THINK I said, rather than simply reading my post.

I never said ANYTHING about Eskimo fans, or claimed that they said ANYTHING. Nowhere in my post did I even mention Eskimo fans at all. What I said was (Jeez, I hate repeating myself) that the odds don’t really mean anything, and that if they did, we could just anoint the Eskimos as the champs and not waste everyone’s time playing the games. (I named the Eskimos specifically because, as you said yourself, they are the Vegas favourites.) It should be clear to anyone who’s not an idiot that I’m being facetious, that I don’t really expect them to do that; my point is that no one has ever won the Grey Cup in June (except the Argos, who do it every year :wink: ) .

I never showed disdain for the oddsmakers. All I did was say (correctly) that the odds they provide have no bearing on the games themselves. Just because they believe one team has a better chance of winning the cup than another doesn’t mean that they are right. They don’t have any information that isn’t available to the general public, and anyone who is willing to do the research can compile odds that are just as meaningful, even if completely different. And as for the other sports you mentioned, I have never made it any secret that I don’t give a flying fudge about any of them.

As for last year’s odds, they prove my point nicely. Ottawa ahead of Hamilton? Winnipeg ahead of B.C.? Picking Montreal and Edmonton as the top two was a no-brainer, since they were the Grey Cup teams the past two seasons. And even I figured Toronto would be in the top four. But anyone who knows anything about football could have told you Hamilton would do better than Calgary last year!

I honestly don’t know how much clearer I can make it. Now, in the future, if you’re going to argue with me, at least have the courtesy to read my post first, and only argue with things I say, not with things you hear from the voices in your head.

You are a card…BD. The reason I made the point abut the fans is because like you, they don’t care about the odds either. And if you’re so self-indulgent that when you see “some of you people” you autimatically think we’re talking about you, then I’d suggest you get over yourself. Capiche?

I referred to you specifically when I adressed your diatribe…or do you only see your name when the word “big” stands in front of it? Like I said, no ordinary Joe can just do a little research and come up with the odds these guys come up with. Do you honestly think that they took a look at the last two seasons and saw the Als and Esks up there and thought “oh yeah, this is easy. #1 and #2!”?
Agian, I bet, you included grand master, that you would have laughed at the Argos being 7-2 last season? To simply ignore it is a clear sign of ignorance. And who cares if you don’t give a “fudge” about those other sports. The point was made…do you not have a credible response to that?

You see… I knew the odds of this post creating so much discussion was a good bet…1-1…LOL

What do you think of those odds?..LOL

dont be fooled. the cfl lines/futures do NOT come out of LV. and if the numbers were any good, more than 5 LV books would put the cfl on the board. they get creamed every year for exactly the opposite reason: those betting cfl actually put more than ten minutes a week into making their own numbers!

try reading my cfl story in ‘bb Articles’ at


L.V. …knows very little about the CFL…and makes money by being wrong , because allot of people bet on their favs…I would put my money down on the ARGOS , SASK. and/or B.C. …think about it.

You won’t have to put allot of cash down but the PAY BACK should be great , better than the 2 favs…EDMONTON , and MONTREAL :smiley:

NO offence is intended to any one…betting is just a different game. :smiley:

I just read in the Montreal Gazette that, the largest sport betting site on the internet, has made the Als and Edmonton co-favorites at 5/2 odds. but I think I would agree, if you want to possibly make some decent money, I would bet on the others.

YUP you would…odds makers are in the business to make money , not to lose it. :smiley:

but you never know they could be right. :smiley:

Yeah they might be right, but if they are right you won’t make much bucks!

:lol: :lol: :lol: GOOD 1 :D