Las Vegas Odds

Heard the odds on the radio and lo and behold, here is how Vegas picked the Teams. Should be good for a few arguments

(1) Edmonton
(2) Montreal
(3) BC
(4) Toronto
(5) Sask
(6) Cal
(7) Hamilton
(8) Ottawa
(9) Winnipeg

The only one that jumps out at me is Ottawa is higher than Winnipeg.

Interesting, I would switch BC with Edmonton for sure and yeah, Ottawa still has to go last at this point (no offense Renegade fans)

I would swich Calgary and Saskatchewan.

GO STAPSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I would switch BC with Edmonton at this point too, to start the season.

who was the bookmaker in Vegas that came up with this diatribe.....Alfred E. Newman.....Ottawa over the Peg.......where is the crediblity lol lol. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'd rank BC, Edmonton and Montreal as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd contenders.

And I'd leave Ottawa ahead of Winnipeg.

you MIGHT be right with your 1...2....3....contenders but I thought you had more football sense Third.......Rens ahead of BOMBERS....surely your judgement is clouded. :shock:

papa, I think your youngs QBs will be better with a full season of experience. This year, I foresee your team struggling. And I think Ottawa might be surprising. Of course, I am not surprise one bit that you don't see it the way I do. You wouldn't be a real fan, then. But eh, someone has to rank last. What do you know, the Als could rank last. This is the CFL. Anything can happen.

I wish you the best. I really have nothing against Winnipeg. I believe you guys have the nicest cheerleaders. But I just don't believe in a great year in the Peg.

Hope your guys prove me wrong.

agreed... i think whoever made this chart is looking to much into the point that Ray was in the NFL... i also think he is overestimating Toronto... i think they'll be lower than Hamilton... gonna have a bad year... Ottawa is going to come out of the gate fast like last year, and then it'll all go downhill but they will stay ahead of the Peg

Remember these are only odds to win the Grey Cup. When you look at the actual odds with the rankings, (Sorry, I should have copied them and pasted) The top three were pretty close.

Papazoola, all I did was go into google, typed Lasvegas odds, and picked one of the betting sites. This one listed odds from Basketball, Baseball, Cow milking (Just Kidding) Football, and here were the list that they had made up for the Grey Cup.

I figured this one would create some discussion.

and it did.. good job

Guys, if you believe Wnnipeg will win the Grey Cup, go put some money on that betting line, for the payoff might be pretty interesting. Usually, the last ranked team get a 30 to 1 ratio. So if you bet 50$ and the Bombers make it, that pays about 1 500$.

I think Hamiltons a way to low, I still have my doubts about TO and Sask.

You DO realize that it is Vegas, right? These guys spend their days and nights researching sports. They're not in it to lose...

Be careful folks, remember what almost happened in 1981.

Go Gades Go!!!!!!!!!

I guess we will just have to go out and prove all the oddsmakers wrong.....we'll start June 25/05 in Regina...GO BIG BLUE.... :stuck_out_tongue:

You may scoff at their odds and rankings, but those bookies know their stuff. They get rich by proving regular fans wrong.

If you don't believe me, try playing a bet once in a while - playing the spread is really hard.

oddsmakers know their stuff eh…what information have they based their rankings on…we haven;t even played an 05 regular season game yet …they must have been looking at last years stats…in which case it’s all bogus…I think there is going to be a little ADJUSTING of the odds when the real leather starts popping. :idea:

Eki-moses and Esk Jebus are right, they don't build Casinos to give money away. Same with Bookies, they arn't in the business to give money away.
Research is done before lines are set.

Now If I could just find the odds on how many times the Sask fans will blame the refs for their loses this year, I might lay a wager down...LOL

Now If I could just find the odds on how many times the Sask fans will blame the refs for their loses this year, I might lay a wager down...LOL
We'll blame the refs for all three of our losses this season. Cause it sure ain't the Riders fault.