L'art de se faire des amis

Samuel Giguère a écrit ce matin que le gouvernement du Québec n'aurait pas dû faire pour la Bombardier ce que les gouvernements fédéral et d'Ontario ont fait pour sauver l'industrie automobile américaine en Ontario. Il a écrit qu'il n'était pas bon que les gouvernements sauvent ces entreprises "too big to fail".

J'ai l'impression que Samuel devrait refaire ses calculs économiques avant de faire un Maxime Bernier de lui-même. Chose certaine, le gars de l'Estrie risque de perdre en popularité, quand on considère tous les gens qui travaillent pour Bombardier autour de Montréal.

Samuel a droit à son opinion, mais je trouve que c'est un peu manquer de sensibilité pour tous ces gens dont le gagne-pain dépend de ses entreprises. S'agissant de seulement subventionner, je conviens que ce serait une grosse bouchée à avaler. Mais prendre une participation dans l'entreprise pour la garder à flot le temps de laisser la tempête passer, ça me semble une meilleure recette.

First of all I`ve always had a problem with athletes or entertainers weighing in on political or economic issues. Their opinions are not worth any more than yours or mine. And there are experts in these fields who never get the opportunity to publicly voice their views.

As for Bombardier itself, I have mixed feelings. I have an engineer friend that has put a lot of sweat into the company over the years. But then I cant help but question the government putting a billion of our tax dollars to prop up this C Series plane that cant seem to get off the ground.

Giguere is correct but Canadian and American liberals will never admit that the Canadian and U.S. giveaways to G.M. and Chrysler companies and their autoworkers unions was in direct violation of existing bankruptcy law and as such was illegal and an improper burden on taxpayers.

Bankruptcy law was designed to ease the pain of business failures and requires that companies reorganize to get things in order if they are to survive. Propping up businesses and favoring workers over owners and investors will never help Bombardier or any other business to survive long term. When government picks winners and losers, taxpayers always lose and economic disasters are never solved.

FYI, Bombardier is not bankrupt.

Taxpayer money was used to refurbish Molson stadium. Should we expect that smart-a$$ Sam may not want to lower himself by playing here anymore?

We can only hope.

Strange that you don't hear Americans decrying taxpayer contributions to NFL stadiums :wink: Where's the Tea Party denouncing the abuse of public funds to subsidize already rich football team owners?


TimothyHay, n'allez pas croire que les lois canadiennes sont identiques au "Chapter 11". C'est très différent.

What the h--- does any of that have to do with football? At this point, all I want to see Giguere do is catch footballs and score TDs. If he is thinking about his career after football, then maybe he should pursue that.

Right now, Sam, you have to be thinking about how you are going to beat the Eskies!

Avec le football, non, mais avec les Alouettes oui.

D'accord, la première chose qu'on attend de Giguère, c'est qu'il fasse avec succès ce qu'on demande de lui sur le terrain.

Mais autant les propos controversés de Khalif Mitchell ce printemps ont déteint sur les Alouettes, qui ont du gérer la crise, autant les propos de Giguère, figure de proue des Alouettes auprès de leur public francophone, peuvent porter ombrage à l'image de l'équipe dans l'esprit du public.

Les propos que les joueurs tiennent en public sont certainement leur opinion personnelle, mais tout le public ne fera pas cette différence, surtout ceux qui n'aiment pas les Alouettes, et il y en a.

Every government invests in Aerospace and shipbuilding, Can you imagine all the money that we would keep in our country if airlines weren't spending billions with Airbus and various other foreign passenger planes.... If we want to manufacture these high value items, its a must. France spends much more than that into Airbus and Russia floats Sukhoi and Tupolev/Aviastar among others.

As long as they have sure orders for the plane, it makes sense but the regional jet market is very crowded. So ultimately it comes down to how many they can sell. I flew on the CRJ705 and I've got to say its the quietest smoothest regional jet I've flown. Goes like stink too.