Larry Taylor

As per Lalji Tsn...als get taylor for is going on!!! Hahah!!!!

@FarhanLaljiTSN: BREAKING: #Als have aquired KR Larry Taylor from the #Stamps for an exchange of late round draft picks. #CFL

Very odd. Taylor must not have been happy in Calgary.

Weird cuz he had resigned there. Who says hes happy to come back here.

Tatylor led the CFL in "combined return yards" last season; he can't hurt.

Calgary just signed free agent returner Jock Sanders, probaly feel he`s a bit younger and less expensive.

For the Als though Taylor is a great acquisition. Hopefully Higgins will be committed to special teams.


Je me méfierais d'un joueur dont Hufnagel ne veut plus, mais Taylor ne peut pas faire pire que Devine ou Carrier.

En attendant un digne successeur de ce que Taylor a été pour les Alouettes, il est certainement un crédible remplaçant de lui-même...

He was booted out by Marc for bringing the discontent with his pay in the locker room. Obviously he's happy with his pay an Marc is no longer there. So I don't see the issue. IMO the most consistant return man in the league.

Part of the Calgary Herald story on the Larry Taylor trade:

For Taylor, meanwhile, this marks the return to the city in which he broke into the CFL in 2008 and played for three seasons.

“It’s good to be going back to Montreal,? he related. “I know the place, but there’s been a lot of changes since I was there in 2010. I get another fresh start. I’m just looking forward to the opportunity that’s going to be given to me. I’m ready to play my best ball.

“Getting traded was a surprise, but I understand that it’s the nature of the business. It caught me off guard, but it happens to a lot of guys.?

In 44 games with Calgary, the 28-year-old amassed 3,055 kickoff-return yards, 1,637 on punt returns and 659 missed-field-goal yards. He also made 39 catches for 321 yards and four touchdowns, an area he hopes to exploit in Montreal.

“I spoke to (Als’ GM) Jim Popp,? he said. “He knows I’m a great returner from my time with them, my time in the league, and he said they want to do some things with me on offence. I’ve been looking forward to that opportunity since I arrived in the CFL. I know I’m a talented offensive player as well as returning kicks. It’s been frustrating, but at the same time you’ve got to just continue to be a professional, play the role the team needs, whatever that may be.?

Its too bad they didn’t pick up Jock Sanders. He was free and I think he has big upside. Shocked Riders let him go,
But Taylor is a good addition imo. First legit return guy here in a while.

I agree with Larry, i hope they get him in the offence. He was very affective when used in some plays in Cgy.

The Als have had a lot of trouble with finding a player(s) to handle the return duties. They now have a proven returner.
Also be interesting to see how they can use him on Offense. Good signing there will be on guessing who will be returning what anymore

I'm thrilled our team now has talent at the p/k returning role. Otherwise Taylors record as a receiver does not warrant positive expectations of him as a receiver. Taylor in 6 years gained a total of 126 yards. Coach Trestman did recognize that Taylor had great speed and, he was 100% in catching balls from the P/K position. In his early years ( 2008, 2009) CoachTrestman gave Taylor plenty of opportunity to play in the receiver role, but found him inadequate. He was grounded from a receiving role in 2010. I can recall Taylor fumbling Calvillo's throws on several occasions. In Calgary he was sparingly used as a receiver with his best year was 2011when he had 11 catches for 59 yards. If I were coach I might let Taylor try to pick up a holy ghost pass but, would otherwise not use him as a receiver.

Question: Was 2010 the year Taylor tried the NFL?

Oui. C'est l'année où Trestman a eu à choisir entre Maypray et lui en fin de saison.

Taylor may want to be used more on offense but he was not much of a receiver. With the revolving door of returners the Als have had in recent years just having him focus on return duties will be well worth the DI spot.
There coverage teams will be better with Dales handling the punting. Whyte may also get back to his steady FG kicking now that he no longer needs to do the punting.
I beleive Whyte was an All Star FG kicker not too long ago and his poor punting affected his overall game IMHO.

A lot of the option stuff behind they ran behind the line last year with Arland they can run better with Taylor. But he's been signed as a returner. With Devine gone and Carrier who struggled to adapt. This is a great signing.

Taylor was also on the radio this morning in the middle of a workout session, and sounded really looking forward to being back in Montreal.

Earlier in the week he was quoted as being told he would also be utilized on offense to a certain extent.

Interesting comments considering there is no OC hired and the HC hasn't stepped foot in Montreal. My guess is the Als have already hired an OC or they just want to make sure Higgins is on board with Jim's pick.