Larry Taylor

RDS reporting Taylor has been released by the Jets.
Larry Taylor - Tim Maypray - Leroy Vann - Andrew Hawkins. Something will have to give, these are more or less similar types and we cant keep them all. I would like to see Taylor back as returner - more explosive than Maypray. Then I guess its between Maypray and Hawkins for that Thomas Haskins hybrid slotback position.
The unknown is Vann who sure looks good on those videos.
Popp will have to earn his big bucks to figure it all out.

From your posts and others I gather that RDS is a better source of info on the Als. You present a real dilemma- who will emerge from the above noted kick returners to win the job? Will Vann as a late comer get an opportunity? Is a bird in the hand better than two in the bush? There is always someone better than one individual? Like yourself, I'm glad I'm not the one to make these decisions!

Vann also plays cornerback and we have an opening on the PR for a corner with Samuels's release. I could see Burke working him out at cornerback in the short term, allowing the team to reassess in the offseason. With Taylor, Maypray, and Hawkins likely in competition for that KR / 6th receiver spot, we don't absolutely have to use Vann on kick returns.

Leroy Vann presents the Alouettes with something that may right now be a weakness: another solid defensive back.
As to Maypray no one else has said it, so I will: field goal returns for touchdowns are a poor man's punt/kickoff return...not a measure of a returners abilities. Larry Taylor won Special Teams Player of the Year for the field position he afforded the Alouettes as much as the returns for touchdowns he occasionally pulled off. Maypray hasn't delivered that.

But Taylor has incurable "dropsy"...a condition that made him a liability in the offense and in his return game. He can play NO other position and that's a no no in the CFL.

Andrew Hawkins will be amazing as receiver. I really didn't see the "lane-instinct" that Taylor and Vann have as returner. But he'll certainly replace Bratton as alternate returner...with more explosive speed and better quickness.

My jaw is still hanging from that Leroy Vann video. He reminds me of Tim Raines inasmuch as his first 1-2 steps put him at full speed...a HUGE advantage in punt returning when defenders are on you so quickly.

My call as honorary GM?
Ignore Taylor...or trade him ( just not to the Riders...or the Argos...BC would be good)
Maypray has had his chance. He just hasn't been that "special" on the teams...and Hawkins is the better leaps and deeks. Leroy Vann will be the next Landry/Taylor. Put him on returns as soon as possible.

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I would say that Maypray has other talents on offence; ibid for Hawkins.

I quite agree with Senior AM about Taylor. While he took several missed FG, punt returns...etc. for touchdowns, I don't see him as versatile as the others. For that matter, Cobourne started out as DH, did he not? I see Maypray and Hawkins being used as RB or SB as well; they seem to have good instincts is that area - a very nice dilemma for Popp and all of the coaching staff! Cobourne went down for a game, and the Als didnt miss a beat with Whitaker. Good running backs are hard to find, especially ones that are not afraid of playing a little "smash-mouth". It is also, however, one of the areas where players are prone to injury; having a few around, therefore, is good for the team - more depth. I don't recall Taylor being used in these areas, but I could be wrong. The other issue is that last year we did see Taylor catch the fumble-itis bug.

Last night was Maypray's worst game as an Alouette, easily. Fumbled a punt return and backed us up on our 6-yard line on the recovery, was tentative making his first move, didn't gain any top speed, essentially, did nothing. Part of it, I think, is coverage: the lack of a real special teams coordinator is really starting to hurt us now. But with Vann about to enter the picture, Taylor cut, and Hawkins close to being healthy, Maypray has picked a bad time to slump.

Larry Taylor has been signed to the Jets practice roster. Good for him and his family.


Le point critique a été révélé : pas de blocs sur les unités spéciales, les adversaires sont sur Maypray en un rien de temps, alors il ne peut rien faire pour avancer. Il nous faut un meilleur coaching sur ce point aussi.

I read in someone's post that Larry Taylor has an edge with NY because of his secondary skill as a receeiver. Last year Trestman tried Taylor out in the offensive backfield to get more speed in the offense. The problem was that LT could not catch!

The point is well made. But this kind of debate only comes up when someone isn't having success at the position.
Frankly , I'm not convinced about Maypray. While touted as a "speedster" IMO he has neither the acceleration nor the "cruising speed" to dominate as a returner.

All this will be resolved with a little competition. If Hawkins and/or Vann get bogged down and stymied spelling Maypray on returns, we're REALLY going to need to change things up....maybe get some coaching help...better blockers. I doubt Hawkins will do much more than Maypray....although he'll no doubt be GREAT at that "hybrid" role ala Andre Durie.

I'm anxious to see what Lerory Vann will bring to the return game. His blinding acceleration, instincts for spotting those coverage "holes' and flat out SPEED might put to rest any complaints about inadequate blocking. Hope so. And maybe he can help us out in the secondary.

Tout à fait d'accord sur le manque d'accélération de Maypray sur les retours. Il n'a pas assez peur pour sa peau!

Hawkins pourrait être de retour au jeu cette semaine. Peut-être sera-t-il au poste pour retourner les bottés?

J'espère qu'il est complètement remis de sa blessure, parce qu'il est un joueur explosif, il a de bonnes mains et il est difficile de à plaquer. Sa vitesse et son accélération peuvent lui permettre de convertir des jeux courts en jeux longs. On ne peut dire ça d'aucun receveur des Alouettes présentement.