Larry Taylor

Larry Taylor has signed with the Jets.-as per Transactions on Canoe-Slam CFL Football and RDS.

Good luck to him but I don't worry too much. We still have Chad Owens and Andrew Hawkins that we know of.


Thanks for the hard work Larry ! Your smile was a ray of sunshine. Best of Luck to you !

I hate to lose LT but Im glad we have Hawkins

Let's hope his ankle is healing well.

Tough to swallow losing LT but you can't help but cheer for him. Best of luck, Larry!

Assuming that Hawkins makes a full recovery from his ankle injury, we should be fine on kick returns. Hawkins may not be quite as explosive as LT, but he's got tremendous speed and vision, and IMO will do a better job of protecting the ball.

According to CJAD radion, S.J.Green should be the next one to go/leave for the NFL; apparently the Jets want him along with Jacksonville. A most probable decision between the next 24 to 48 hours. With the "bonus"/extra money they received by finishing,winning the final and the Grey Cup they can better afford to try out with the NFL.

Again, we/the Als will replace him easily.


Is Jim and the Als doing a good job or what ? When an NFL team comes around sigining a receiver that is 7th. on your depth chart.... Your doing something pretty outstanding.

I was thinking the same thing......He hardly played and is wanted by the NFL! WOW!

Certainly hope Taylor makes it, everyone deserves the right to better themselves, although frankly I dont think he will. Too much juggling. What bothers me is the option year rule. CFL no longer collects anything from NFL, so why do they still allow it? Makes it difficult to build player identity. Unless its part of the labor agreement which expires this spring.

I believe that it's a big loss but I'm certain we'll be able to deal with it. The fact is that he was pretty good. I hope the player who will replace him will do such a good job like when Ezra Landry was replaced (because Landry was a very good player IMO).

S.J.Green has signed with the Jets.

While he could not become a starter with the Als,in the past 3 years, he is a very good special teams players.-when he played/during the pre-seasons- He may remain with the Jets. He has better chances than Larry Taylor.

As I wrote yesterday, I don't worry too much; I know that Mr.Popp will bring good talent in camp. While not announced yet, I do know that they have sign a WR.-Doran Clark,from Stillman College.-

I would worry more If we were to lose non-imports,such as Jeff Perrett "qui est dans la mire" de Seattle et Washington. I hope that Mr.Popp signs him-soon-to a long term contract.


Its hard now to sign guys to long term contracts, because the signing bonus hits your sms numbers. Does not leave much incentive for a quality player to do that.

Thanks for the info Richard as always :thup:

Well I hope nothing but the best for Green and Taylor. S.J has been very patient and made the most of his chances. He could of easily started on any team in the league. Also, a great special teams player. Larry is a exciting player as well, and I wish him nothing but the best.

Jim Popp has an eye for "Special" Special Teams players, and I have no doubt that we will have a great returner next season, even if its not Hawkins or Bratton.

Should have seen more of SJ Green on the field this season.Did a great job everytime he hit the field.Would do good in the NFL. Good luck to him and Larry.

I wish both all the best although they have a very outside shot at signing bonus.