Larry Taylor to Calgary

Somehow we all lost on this deal. Larry Taylor lost a year's salary- this should be required reading for every CFL player who might wish to try out his luck in the NFL. Montreal lost one of the best return man the Als had for years since Johnny Rogers left for San Diego [ he failed at SD ] and, now our return game is a doubtful one with respect to the best available player. Maypray had his moments but did nothing in the Grey Cup game. In retrospect, it might have been better if the team might have signed Taylor- at least he would have been trade value in the present situation. Looks, to me, like another bad move by the Als management- remember Chad Owens? We could have signed the CFL's best return specialist in 2010. I guess there will be competition this spring between Maypray, Vann and possibly others. I usually get to Calgary in the Fall and, always get to see one Stamps game. I hope that Larry Taylor will not be taking a couple of kick returns to the end zone while I will be cheering on my Alouettes! I believe the Als goofed again!

A bit of an exaggeration. We've had plenty of great kick returners over the past decade, from Winston October to Keith Stokes to Ezra Landry.

Maypray had his moments but did nothing in the Grey Cup game.
You mean, like Larry Taylor did nothing in the 2009 Grey Cup game? Maypray was a game-breaker in the division final against Toronto.
remember Chad Owens?
I remember Chad Owens being a complete non-factor as we crushed the Argonauts in the 2010 East Division final.
I believe the Als goofed again!
Calgary has lost a bunch of talent to free agency / the NFL and needed to make a free-agent splash. Who knows what Taylor's contract demands were? It may well have been a cap issue, not a decision to cut Larry loose. I don't know why people are so quick to jump to conclusions.

J'espère qu'on ne peut pas se fier à 2010 pour évaluer nos retours de bottés. Au risque de me répéter, nos schémas de blocage étaient tellement nuls qu'il est à se demander si ce n'est pas par hasard que Maypray et Ferri ont pu retourner des bottés jusqu'à l'autre zone. J'exagère, c'est vrai, mais pas tant que ça, en fin de compte.

Pour ce qui est de Taylor, il est un excellent retourneur lorsqu'il capte le ballon. Le problème, c'est qu'à mesure que l'inclinaison du soleil baisse, il en capte de moins en moins.

Mais si notre situation ne s'améliore pas de ce côté en 2011, il va falloir remettre en question le temps partagé de Bischoff.

As usual the apologists are at work

Despite the return in the East Final (a hole my grandmother could have run through)...Maypray was the worst punt returner of 2010. No matter how you slice it...he was pathetic. We had the chance to get Taylor back last fall...and completely blew it.
Kick returning has been one of the strengths of this team the last decade. Stokes, Landry, Taylor. Anyone foolish enough to equate Tim Maypray with those great returners opens himself up to ridicule.

After two Cups the Alouettes feel they can continue to cheap it out and get away with it. We'll know soon enough if we've lost McPherson and/or Cobourne...but eventually this attitude is going to come back to bite will the reputation the team is getting for mis-managing young careers and potential great talents. Popp's magic bag of tricks is going to turn from the horn of plenty to the Horn of Gabriel-and he'll be blowing taps for the Alouettes.

Tell me how the Stamps...who beat us 3 years ago for the Cup...haven't suddenly been handed the very tool that might assure our destruction. Get those pompom's waving girls!!!


Super Size ...

Kick returner is one of the most volatile positions in the league. Today's hero can easily be tomorrow's has-been. Look around the entire league and tell me which kick returner has been consistently successful for more than two years at most.

BC has experimented with multiple people at the position. People were moaning about we let Ian Smart get away? Where is Ian Smart now?

Calgary signed Taylor because they had no game-breaker at the position in 2010.

Who does Saskatchewan have? Oh yes, Dominique Dorsey ... formerly an impact player, now just a has-been.

Edmonton's Tristan Jackson wasn't anything special last year.

Winnipeg has a DB returning kicks (Jovon Johnson). We'll see how long that lasts.

Nobody had heard of Hamilton's Marcus Thigpen until last season.

And finally Toronto has Chad Owens, the top kick returner in 2010. We'll see whether or nor Chad is able to sustain his 2010 level of success in the long term.

I tend to agree with LeStaf in that I think it's more important to have good blocking schemes and fewer penalties on kick cover. If we improve in those two areas, we should have more success returning kicks.