Larry Taylor released by Als.

....Good return man....I say we have a look at possibly signing him, before the napkin man in Regina gets a sniff..Get him on board Mack....

Think twice papa. . . word out of Montreal is that he has an attitude problem:

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Now I'm not saying that's true, how would I know. .. but you might want to be careful on this one.

Larry Taylor is just a year or so removed from being the top return man in the league.Would be a good pickup for any team.I see him signing with the Riders and them releasing Dorsey.

.....don't know what it is with some of these players who return from the nfl....Is it that they're dejected because they never made the grade down there...Heh it's not a bad living in the CFL....Maybe not the multi-millionaires club but if you apply yourself it beats some 8to 5 jobs...It could be that Larry needs a change of scenery and an attitude adjustment ...orrrrr both :roll: :lol:

The same thing can be said about Dorsey.