Larry Smith

Our bilingual board members should take a look at Bertrand Raymonds ( always good to see him writing on football rather than the Canadiens/Patrick Roy) interesting article on the RDS website about Smiths departure.

We are probably already aware of most of it, but a few interesting tidbits nonetheless.

The Coles Notes version is that success had gone to Smiths head, he took far too much credit at the expense of the 4 Als V.P.s thus alienating them, and that his biggest mistake was replacing the popular V.P. of Corporate Sales Richard Blais with his son Wes.

The most startling revelation is that Smith was personally charging $7000 to speak at conferences, even though the topic was the Alouettes. He did more than 30 of these a year. Mr. Wetenhall was obviously not amused.

Pas joli du tout comme dénouement. De pelure de banane en croc en jambe.

Comme quoi c'est une bonne chose de séparer les opérations football de l'administration générale.

Je me demande combien Steve (Jobbs?) demandait pour faire des conférences sur Apple? Je demande ça de même...

Apple appartient en partie a Jobes et je doute fort qu'il est besoins de charger pour promouvoir Apple :slight_smile: Smith etait paye pour etre President du club. Faire du "double dipping" lorsqu'on est executif est inacceptable.

IMO Bert's article is credible and there is nothing surprising really.

Je ne remets aucunement en cause le professionnalisme de Bertrand Raymond. S'il a sorti cette histoire de cette façon-là, c'est que ses informations ont été corroborées.

Il y a une chose qui me turlupine, cependant. Mon frère a assisté à une conférence de Larry Smith à Québec, et lorsqu'il m'a raconté ça, il m'avait dit avoir été surpris que Smith n'ait à peine parlé des Alouettes. Je ne dis pas que toutes ses conférences étaient comme celle-là, mais il est possible que ce ne soit pas toutes ses conférences qui aient porté sur les Alouettes.

Par contre, s'il exige un cachet pour aller parler de son équipe, c'est inacceptable pour l'équipe.

Confirms my opinion that Smith had to go.

Well, it turns out that he really moves up to a greener pasture, now that he is to be Senator Smith.

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Perfect ending :slight_smile:

Il n'y a pas d'âge pour mal tourner. :twisted:

Je lève mon chapeau à M.Smith et lui souhaite la meilleure des chances dans ses nouvelles fonctions; lorsque M.Harper procédera à un remaniement,en janvier 2011, je suis convaincu que M.Smith sera nommé ministre et responsable de la région de Montréal. Il saura,comme toujours, nous faire honneur.

Les Alouettes ne seront plus pareils sans M.Smith; il était toujours disponible pour les partisans et je vais le manquer.

Je doute qu'un de ses détracteurs hérite de son poste; il ne pourrait accomplir la moitié de ce que M.Smith a accompli.

Je souhaite qu'un des fils de M.Wetenhall devienne Président et Chef de la Direction.


Mr Smith will have a great opportunity to " double-dip" as a member of Canada's Senate. His salary should be around $ 180 000. The Senate has long periods when they do not sit, so LS will have ample time to have other employment- maybe he will continue his $7 000 speaches? As a member of the Senate LS will have a huge expense account- everything he does while in Ottawa will be on the expense account- travel, meals. lodgings, taxis- everything. He will be able to stay at first class hotels, have his meals at the finest restaurants of his choosing.If LS decides to skip some time in the Senate, he will still get 100% of his salary , one Senator who managed to attend one brief session, year after year, was finally kicked out after many years of " service" LS will benefit from a gold plated pension plan and , as things stand at present, he will have to retire at age 75. LS, did, however accomplish many important and effective duties for the Als.

The Canadian Senate is an archic part of our government that, many would say, is not needed. Occasionally one or two members do some good work for the country [ eg. Senator Kirby ]. But, they really have no function that is necessary in our government. Senators are usually appointed by the prime minister of the day as a reward for past service to the party, Patronage abounds! Many Canadians, like myself, would like to see the Senate abolished. The Senate is an anchronsim- an extremely overpaid group of persons financed by we the taxpayers! Congratulations to Larry Smith- he has become one of the elites of our society.

LS was just on pulse....He will be running for MP in the Lac-St-Louis riding.....

Get this

Larry Smith said that when an election is called....He will resign his senate seat and run for parlament! :expressionless:

So why appoint him in the first place?

Well, the election is not suppose to be called in the short future. Then, as a senator it will be easier for him to work the riding, to prepare voters of his incoming campaign in that riding. Much easier than as a Mr. Smith, ex-President of the Alouettes.