Larry Smith gets his clock cleaned

Parachuted 'STAR" candidate Larry Smith comes in at the bottom of the voters list in bilingual West Island riding.

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Smith a commis deux erreurs coûteuses dans sa campagne qui ont montré qu’il n’était pas un politicien “naturel”. Par ailleurs, il s’est présenté sous la bannière que la plupart des gens du Québec déteste le plus, pensant (comme tout le monde) que s’il y avait un changement de vote au Québec, ce serait nécessairement en faveur des conservateurs (qui sont en fait des républicains au Canada). Mal lui en prit, mais il sera sans doute nommé bientôt au Sénat : il paraît qu’un poste est vacant…

Well, Larry was a good Al in his playing days, helping them win a GC, and did some good things as President of the Als. The last few years, unfortunately, haven't worked out so well. So, Larry, best of luck in your future endeavours!

surprised larry lost but will run again in 4 years and win!!!

Larry is “Winnnnnnnnnning !”

Larry was appointed senator today. He will have to live on that "measly" 140 000$ annual salary!

Caught an interview today with a senator who's been sitting for 15 years. She was saying Smith voted against a bill that he had lobbied to the senate while he was on their board of directors.... Smith in a nutshell. I think its funny to see a Reformer manipulate and use an institution they want to abolish... I think he appointed Preston Manning as well. Too funny.

I think he appointed Preston Manning as well.
Preston Manning is not in the Senate.

well say what you want about the senate but every party ever elected has used this house as a merry go round!! every party that has the power appoints for whatever the reason but nobody ever reforms it. even if they always say they will. so what else is new. jack leighton is no better just full of hogwash that quebecers bought lock stock and barrel. it's just talk none of them will very stand up and do the hard right thing just like the government in the USA about their debt. they talk but never have any positive action to address it. no nobody ever does the right thing anymore for the country!! so larry smith returns to the senate so why bother getting excited that's how this b.s. works no matter whose's in the monkey seat!!!

Wow. We agree on something.


Incroyable! Qui aurait cru ça?

still have no problem with larry smith in the senate. if not smith then some one else. so the salary is not the issue.

I think they should abolish the thing or at least have it elected with a term limit. Look at this PC crooner in Newfoundland who’s been told by constituents time and time again they are not interested in being represented by him (Fanning). To appoint him to the senate is an insult. But then again I also think we should take the land back the Queen claims to own and take her picture off of our money.

WOW!! and people worry about me being radical!!

In addiction to his salary he gets a potentially big expense account plus, lots of time for other business. I agree that we should abolish the Senate. Its just one big expense which is not needed and, is an other place where our politicians can gorge at the public trough until they reach the age of 75- a gold plated pension too.

if not him then it has to be somebody else. abolish the senate okay but would 50.1% of canadians vote it out? not so sure of that.