Larry Smith calls it quits

Kinda surprising, guess he wants to do something new. He sure seemed to do a great job with the Als. Sucks he's leaving, hope they can find somebody good to replace him.

i wonder what he's gonna do now?
i hope he stays involved with the CFL in some shape and form.

hehehe, new Eskimos President? :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll be honest, that made me laugh. :lol: I don't know if that'll happen. The BOG might give LeLacheur a chance with his rebuild plan.

CBC reported that he’s staying around as a consultant.

The timing seems strange. Why announce it right before the playoffs start?

Not so surprising if the reports that he and Popp didn't get along very well are true.

Maybe Smith is taking a new job that starts right away as well as doing the consulting work. Once the playoffs start teams aren't allowed to make announcements about hirings/firings/resignations because the league doesn't want them to overshadow the games.

Larry was absolutely instrumental in the resurgence of Montreal as a viable CFL market. He turned the ALs into a model CFL franchise and helped turn francaphones into some of the best football fans in the nation. His contribution to football in Quebec must be remembered.

Once Popp decided to stay in Mtl, the writing was on the wall for Smith. Mtl just isn't big enough for both their egos... :wink:

Full credit to Smith with the great work done with the Als over the years and building that brand.
This though has be rumoured for a while and yes Popp and him did not get along.

[url=] ... le1792581/[/url]

The federal Conservatives are courting a former CFL commissioner in the hope of winning a Montreal riding for the first time in two decades and snap a cycle of futility in Canada's second-biggest city.

A Tory riding association on the island says it has approached Larry Smith, most recently the president of the Montreal Alouettes, about running for the party.

An executive with the Tories' Lac-Saint-Louis riding association also says his group has been informed the football figure has expressed an interest in running.

If so, the Tories might have their best chance of breaking into Montreal since the end of the Mulroney era in 1993.

They have been distant also-rans in that riding, and across the city, in recent elections. Montreal has proven to be a far tougher nut for the Tories to crack than Toronto.

"I think he'd be a good candidate," said Lac-Saint-Louis riding executive member Stephen Pickford.

"He's a name candidate, he's somebody who would work hard for the riding and is known to the people. I think that's what we need -- is somebody who has a high profile and a high visibility."

He said the association recently spoke with Smith about becoming a candidate -- and he expressed an interest.

However, he says, Smith wasn't able to commit immediately because he was examining some business opportunities and wanted to consider the impact a political career might have on his family.

This week, Smith announced that he will step down as president and CEO of the Montreal Alouettes at the end of the year.

This isn't the first time the ex-Alouettes player and former newspaper publisher has expressed interest in politics, or the Conservative party.

He considered a run for the leadership of the Tories in 2004.

"I do know that Larry's kept his foot in the door in the door with regards to the party as a whole," Pickford said.

Conservative circles are now abuzz with rumours that a party announcement about Smith's candidacy is imminent.

However, sources in Ottawa closer to Prime Minister Stephen Harper said they were unaware of any impending announcement.

CFL is starting to get some friends in high places;
senator Brailey, Hamilton mayor Bratina, and maybe Larry smith in montreal.

I think there are some Senate positions opening up in the near future. That might be a more realistic spot for Larry Smith.

Larry Smith has been a huge part of the Als organization, as well as being involved with amateur sports groups. I had the opportunity of getting to know him while working with the Canada Games Council, Smith's involvement with Canada Games has been such a huge boost. He's always been one of Canadian amateur sports biggest cheerleaders. Perhaps being on the road all the time he just decided to step back and relax a little, although with his personality I expect it wouldn't be for very long.

I wish him well. The league needs guys like him. If he goes political that could end up helping the league at some point in time. Larry two words " domed stadium" in Regina.

Definitely an open secret. In fact, Popp hadn't even reported directly to Smith over the past couple of years; instead, he was answering only to Wetenhall. Larry did some great things for the Als, but he also dropped the ball on a few key issues. It was time for him to go.

Also, maybe now our kicker will be motivated to do his damn job. :lol:

You mean our Eastern All-Star kicker ?? I almost gagged typing that. . .