Larry Smith call for press conference @ 13h30

Prince wasn’t the guy for the job and Matthews was a very abrasive coach. This time around Smith’s departure is taking place in different circumstances. His replacement will hopefully be better-suited to a prominent role in the Montreal community; Trestman is a very courteous and media-friendly coach.

Ce serait une bonne approche pour grossir l'exposition du football montréalais à la grandeur du pays.

Mais je crois qu'une bonne partie du prochain effort relations-média des Alouettes devra se tourner vers les media francophones. Le football est en croissance partout dans la province, et les Alouettes en sont la bougie d'allumage. Si les Alouettes veulent pouvoir augmenter leur ascendant dans plus que l'ouest de l'ile de Montréal, il va falloir qu'ils s'activent auprès des média francophones. Il n'est pas normal que le football universitaire occupe plus de place que le football professionnel dans les media francophones, et il y a un sérieux effort à faire de ce côté, particulièrement en ce qui concerne l'implication sociale. Les média francophones couvrent mal et peu les Alouettes.

Avec la clientèle actuelle, on remplit le stade McGill. Avec une clientèle plus large, on pourrait remplir le Stade Olympique de nouveau.

Qu'on le veuille ou non, la masse à aller chercher se tient plus aux média francophones qu'aux média anglophones.

I have been away for a few days so don`t know if he has been mentioned, but ex-M. Grand Prix Normand Legault would be an ideal candidate.
He of course is an experienced promoter, has corporate connections, media credibility, and was once upon a time the Als P.R. director.
The question is if Mr. Wetenhall can afford him.

I would like to address the issue of "media-friendly" for the new GM.

To promote football in this city, the GM will have to be bilingual. More than one commentator, including Pierre Vercheval, remarked on that where Larry Smith was concerned. Most francophones in this city were very much appreciative of the fact that an anglophone addressed the media in French, took questions in French...etc. This is a must. Further, the new GM will have to continue to make inroads into the francophone community...i.e. have Als players make visits to French high schools, meet with their football players, make TV ads...etc. With a number of francophone players on the roster, this should be easy. If the Als win the GC (may be a long shot this year - but still possible!), they could do this with the GC in tow - great photo op, n'est-pas?

However, the English media cannot be overlooked either, and I'm not just referring to the Gazette. Whenever the Habs play at home, every sports segment sees Brian Wilde down at the Bell Center all hyped up about the game. For Als games, we have only ever seen (occasionally!) Randy Tieman and, who else? - signor Herb! Hardly an unqualified vote of confidence for the sport we love!

So, the new GM will have some work to do in the promotion of football here in Montreal. For all that Smith may have flubbed things, he certainly has left his mark in this regard. Here's hoping that the person to whom this torch is thrown will take it to the next level. I am not naive that the CFL will ever rival the NHL, but I can hope for a higher profile for football. We may even be able to attract enough new fans to fill the Big Owe more often. That was the case (for a while!) in the late 70's.

Je crois que vous voulez dire le nouveau Président, parce que le GM, c'est Jim Popp, non?

Correction - President, not GM.

The Als are at a point where they need a vision going forward. It didn't not take long after capacity was increased to see tension rise in the organization. Look the Als have not had a need to be creative for 10 years because the place was sold out anyway. Now they will have to be a little creative and grow their brand again.

On the business side, nothing excuses the NRJ , practice field issues. The Als have a business staff that is twice as large as most other teams. If I was Wettenhaul, I would have been disapointed as well.

Larry Smith came back at Wettenhaul's request yet he was not present at Smith's pc. This could be Smith's doing or Wettehnaul's depending who and how it was scheduled either way it was picked up by the media and they both look bad for it.

After 16 years there is enough talent out there to find a President who the team can be comfortable with. If it was me I would talk to my football people and see how they felt about Danny Maciocia as a President. While he was not successful on the football side of the business, he has a wonderful outook on things, family man , bilingual and is well liked by the Montreal media and is much more a bilingual Montrealer than Smith ever will be. If the football guys feel they could support this move. He might be the guy the Als need as their "front man".

Danny Maciocia? Brian Burke has more chances to become GM of Les Canadiens than Danny Maciocia becoming the President/CEO of the Als. I he does, I will send you $300.00 to the Charity of your choice

If the Als choose from within, my candidate is:Mark Weightman. Herb has also mentionned him in his "blog"

Former players such as Eric Lapointe,Jock Climie,Michael Soles would be good candidates if they were 10 years or so older/had more experience outside football.

CJAD has mentionned one of Mr.Wetenhall son as a possibility; would be a disaster,unless bilingual.


Richard why don't you apply for the position? I"m sure all of us here would give you glowing references !!!

Hey you never know... but I agree he's not a front runner. Hiring from within is always the best IMO, it encourages your people to strive.

If the Pillsbury Dough Coach (Macioca) becomes president, somebody must be blind, deaf and dumb! He put on the absolute worst display of bad sportsmanship by a coach I have ever seen in our loss to the Esks in the Grey Cup. Two thumbs down on that clown.

Maciocia va diriger les Carabins de l'Université de Montréal, à moins que le putsch en faveur de Marc Santerre ne réussisse.

Maciocia a ses qualités comme instructeur, mais peut-être pas comme entraîneur-chef et surtout pas comme directeur-général.

Les Alouettes ont besoin d'un président qui a de bonnes relations dans le Montréal Inc., qui est bilingue, et qui peut faire évoluer le football professionnel montréalais pour devenir un "événement". Normand Legault serait un bon candidat, en autant qu'il soit bien entouré pour évaluer le rendement des opérations football parce qu'il ne connaît pas cette industrie en profondeur comme Larry Smith. Mais est-ce que les Alouettes ont les moyens de se payer Normand Legault?

I can’t stand Macioca.
I would hope it’s not him that gets the job.

I hate that the language is always an issue in hiring management for the Canadiens, and to a lesser extent the Alouettes.
It eliminates probably 90% of prospective candidates.
I’d like to see Wally Buono get a shot at the job if he were interested.

Who is Norman Legault?

Nobody in football operations is required to be bilingual. Neither Pop nor Trestman knows French. By contrast, the president of the team has to be able to liaise effectively with Montreal’s corporate and college football communities. French is a requirement, because, (and this may shock you) a lot of people speak French in Montreal.

Acting as if knowing French shouldn’t be a prerequisite for a job that involves you being out in the community in Quebec is just plain unfathomable to me.

He is a business man and promoter of F1 in Montreal, he was also president of it for a while and saved it a couple of times. I agree he would be a good choice but I doubt he will be interrested.

À Montréal, c'est une simple question d'affaires. Le président est celui qui parle pour le club dans toute la ville, dans la province. Le président de l'entreprise doit être capable de s'adresser à tous ses interlocuteurs dans la langue officielle qu'ils utilisent. C'est une question d'efficacité. Si le président d'une équipe sportive montréalaise ne peut s'adresser aux gens d'affaires, aux gens de la communauté, aux supporteurs ni aux média en français, comment voulez-vous développer le produit? On n'attire pas les mouches avec du vinaigre. Si on passe le message que la communauté francophone est méprisable, autant déménager le club demain matin parce qu'il ne sera jamais alors qu'un anachronisme colonial.

Je ne crois pas que les Alouettes vont évacuer cet aspect dans le choix de leur futur porte-voix.