Larry Highbaugh

Larry Highbaugh passed away at age 67 . He was an Eskimos legend in the 70's and early 80's . A childhood hero .

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I had the pleasure of playing with Larry on our flag football team in 1990/91 He was a talented and funny guy, even at the age of about 42 he was still high stepping down the field, even with his bad knees. Never afraid to voice his opinion if you got beat badly on a route, and always made me laugh with his " he beat yo A$$" pep talk afterwards. :slight_smile:

I have fond memories of him during his Eskimo days when he dominated on both sides of the ball. Playing with him after he retired was even better.

He'll be missed, gone too soon :frowning:

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Man, I loved watching that guy play. He was one of the greats.

Deepest condolences to his family, friends, and the Eskimo organization. Seems like a prince of a guy.

Hard to believe, but he was actually a BC Lion for parts of 2 years (1971 and 1972). Coach Eagle Keys kept putting him on waivers in '72 never really knowing what to do with him, despite his many achievements (he definitely made an impression at WR and Kick/Punt Returner when he arrived in late August of '71). He was eventually plucked off the waiver wire by the Esks in what might be one of the biggest personnel blunders in CFL history.

This is a rare pic. Seems strange to see him in BC colours!

Truly one of the greatest athletes in CFL history. Very interesting that he taught autistic kids in Georgia for 20 years after retiring. Shame we couldn't have celebrated that. We should. Maybe we should at least do a blog. Anyone want to talk about doing that?

I wrote earlier this guy, at 5' 9'' could dunk a BB with EASE.

Completely out of the blue, Larry Highbaugh started showing up at my high school football team's practices one week, mid-season, in the late 80s. He may have had a kid attending the school or something. We would have been too young to remember seeing him play very much, but a bunch of us certainly knew who he was.

Somehow he inspired a below-average team to play above our usual level, and we beat a neighbouring school that usually would have thumped us. Then, as suddenly as he'd appeared, "Coach Highbaugh" was gone. It was all kind of a "did that really happen?" moment, but still the highlight of an otherwise dreary season.