Larry Harlow - Chunky MVC Finalist needs YOUR support!

My name is Trina.. I am a member of the Saint John Storm Woman’s Tackle football team, and this is our story

Saint John’s Larry Harlow, head coach for the Saint John Storm Woman’s Tackle Football team, has made it to the final 4 in the Chunky MVC contest hosted by TSN and Campbell Chunky Soup! Chosen to the final 4 from over 500 nominees, Canadians can now log on to vote for the finalists between now and March 29th.

We need the support of all football loving Canadians to take Larry all the way to #1!! The best, and most important part is that you can vote one time per e-mail address per day… so you can go back and vote EVERY DAY!! Below is his nomination piece and a link to his profile and location where votes can be cast. Thank you all so much in advance!!

Larry Harlow is the Head Coach for the Saint John Storm. He has greatly contributed in the transformation of this last place women's tackle football team into undefeated Maritime Champions.

Larry is one of the founders of the women’s league and has been instrumental in keeping this program going not only in Saint John but in the Maritimes. Larry has been involved in football for 28 years and has played significant roles in changing football in New Brunswick and is currently President. He also volunteers his time in the fall to referee.

Larry has spent the last 5 years overcoming the obstacles of coaching women in Football. After the season, games and practices, he spends time meeting with the coaching staff to discussing plays and players positions. He reviews football books, websites, and DVDs to better himself on how to coach, implement techniques and plays. Larry takes our team and women’s tackle football seriously while producing a fun atmosphere.

Off the field, Larry participates in team building get together's, fundraises for the team and ProKids. In the off season, he supports our individual sports by cheering us on at touch football and running events.

We train, play and live through the passion that Larry brings to the table and passion can only emulate passion. He’s more than just a coach to us; he’s a life mentor who develops self esteem, confidence, and many other life skills we always carry with us. Storm is fortunate to have Larry on our team.


...why is multiple voting a great thing?...imo it's not a true democratic indicator, it only shows who can hit their mouse button the most, hell I could teach my wife's cat to do that....

Bet you can't.....

...I dunno, it's a pretty smart cat...

it may not be, but it's how the contest goes, so every day (since it's once per day) we (friends/ family/ supporters) log on and vote for Larry... Hoping to gain some support, and maybe you can work on that cat... every vote counts :slight_smile:

I'm not trying to be a wet blanket but may I ask why I should vote for Larry?

It sounds like he may be a good coach but I don't know him. The others are all presumably good coaches too. I have NO objective criteria upon which to base a vote. I hope that the best one wins but they probably all deserve some praise.

Of course, I didn't understand why Hamiltonians were supposed to vote for Brian Melo in Canadian Idol just because of where he was from. I thought that the contest was for the best singer but the Ti-Cat board was abuzz with voting talk.

I'm just weird, I guess.

I don't find that weird...I'm not voting for Larry...I don't know Larry, never met Larry, probably never will meet Larry...

What she said.

All we're doing is asking for support - If you look at the links and decide, presumably through free will, that another candidate is more deserving in your opinion then by all means cast your vote there.

We're asking for support for Larry because in OUR opinion he is the Most Valuable Coach to us - and since you don't know Larry, and will probably never meet Larry, TSN/ Chunky have been kind enough to provide a little objective insight with the clips online. I'm not telling anyone to vote Larry, but if you choose to then you have our thanks and appreciation.

It's a great story nevertheless. Who knew there was a woman's league? Not me.

I'm Larry sure is a fine coach. I'm sure the other finalists are also fine coaches, since they are all finalists. I also appreciate your spirit in trying to drum up some support for Larry. Good luck to him and all the others.

I think the cat has your password.....It kinda explains some of your posts! :wink: would explain some weird expenditures on my visa card...

Don't go there.

Remember back in the 80's where Credit cards were handed out like newspapers? My regular vet was away so I took my dog Spike to an animal walk in clinic. Six weeks later, a Mastercard came with Spikes name on it. Of Course I cut it up, but I always wondered if I had done a World wide trip if I could have gotten away with it and had Spike repossesed by Mastercard.

Maybe we could get the cat post in here for him... we could use a sane voice in here for a change.. :wink: