LaRose on Watkins

Lays the smack down!!! This guy really impresses me. Having only played junior football in Canada, never having played in Canadian University, let alone American University, to be the starting safety for the Eskimos, and playing very well, is very impressive. His athletecism must be fantastic, because his football training would be less than any reciever that he is covering.

There was some speculation that the Eskimos might be embarrassing themselves, and the league, by leaving so many veterans at home, and starting the game with a bunch of rookies that have hardly played all year. And yet they are dominating the #1 team in the East. If this game is a rookie tryout for next season, I would say the future looks bright, and the Eskimos aren't as far away from being competetive again as some people may think!! There's alot of young talent on this team! Why oh why didn't we use them earlier!! Mcclendon looks like a stud!!

Larose and Buhl have looked really good in the time they've been given this season. Guillroy(?spelling?), a d-lineman the esks picked up just a few weeks ago, already had 3 sacks in two games, and looks VERY impressive. I've been a fan of Goldie's for a while, and I'm glad he showed what he can do on the field. Hopefully the esks will utilize him some more next season(two back set w/ troy davis?). Jyles looked very impressive in the 2nd quarter he was given as well. I'm hoping we'll see him play at least another quarter vs. Saskatchewan next week.

Well the team you beat may have ben the #1 team in the East 10 weeks ago. Now they are the 3rd best team in the East.
Your 2nd stringers did look really good though. Made my team look like 3rd stringers.