Larks vs Argos

Big game - Huge day for Ricky; throw Ricky throw....Go Argos 8)

Place your bets. Does either team top 20 points?


I'm with FootBalYouBet

I pray you guys are right. I can't take another 16-6 game.

Things are looking up already. They spared us Rod Black. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was a sweet grab by Owens!

Great one handed grab by Owens

PI on Montreal. Higgins should totally challenge. :lol:

FG Waters - Argos lead 3-0

I love how honest Dunigan is. :lol:

"We only won by one point? I thought we were good that year." :lol: He literally holds nothing back. His commentary this season has been more entertaining than the games he's called.

Someone put a voodoo curse on the Als? An injury on just about every series. :expressionless:

Decent catch by Green. 10-3. We might actually get a good game.

10-6 after the FG. Not a bad game so far. Some nice catches. Some points on the board.

I think the Als are the best team in the CFL with a good QB. They have the defense, they have the receivers, just need someone to get them the ball. Crompton just chucks up 50/50 jump balls, and his receivers are good enough to win their share but he's going to get them hurt eventually.

Tell me Dunigan didn't just call Rod Black Blackie. :lol: As for the sponsorship idea, I don't see how it'd work. It's not like the flags fall unfolded. They're all bunched up. You'd never be able to see the sponsor. The announcers would have to mention it.

Watching on ESPN3. It looks like the supposed HD feed from Toronto is low-res for some reason. Doesn’t really matter; it’s still obvious how few showed up on a Saturday afternoon in Hogtown :roll:

Enjoying the game otherwise. I’m glad the Als seem to have recovered from their first half season case of ineptitude. Crompton looks good.

Higgins should tell his return teams not to touch anyone and his returner to go down on first contact. They'd get better field position.

At least 10,000 more showed up for this game than the TFC game earlier today!!! :stuck_out_tongue: