Larks at TWOCOLOURS P-B-P Thread

Divisional matchups on Labour Day Weekend mean rivalries. This one is what we're stuck with tonight.
I want BOTH teams to lose...

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Go Als!

Pomme de terre… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just looking for some good football to start off the weekend.

I missed Ottawa's first drive, but MTL looks pretty poor...

Dedmon with a good return!

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Wow. When do we play Ottawa?

Cause their offence sucks

Their defence is horrible too, considering we shut MTL down.

Better keep looking because this isn't it . :grimacing:

I had Ottawa winning on a hunch. Took the 6 points.
Look like an absolute fool.

They're in Dolphins/Jags territory. Bet against them every week regardless of spread.

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With Dunnigan in the booth, the game is unwatchable. Can he say a full sentence without stumbling

Oh, but Dom Davis is in at QB now :rofl:

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Still better than Suitor.

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One drive just gave TSN content for a week.

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The kid who said "And boom goes the Dynamite." is better than Suitor...

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What's with the squib kicks by Ward?

Underrated W comment post right there.

Deadman is the only chance of scoring they have.

Panel half time discussion.
"Is Dom Davis elite ?
"That's a good question. Its too early , but.."

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Vernon Adams... Found his stride now. Early MOP favourite in the East.