Larks at TwoColours Game Thread, Fri Sept 26, 7:00 pm et

Friday, September 26, 2014
7:00 PM ET
Montreal at Ottawa

Obviously this game is huge for the Als to keep pace in the East, while the RedBlacks need to stop the skid now to retain any hope of staying in the playoff hunt. Looks like a tall order for the home side.

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ's pregame preview is at [url][/url] .

Oski Wee Wee,


Heres to the BLACKREDS creating some vertical separation between us and the larks this weekend with a lark loss and Ticats win! :thup: :rockin: 8)

We are ALL redblacks fans tonight!

You got it!!1 :thup: :thup: GO REDBLACKS!! Pluck the larks and give your faithful home crowd a win to cheer about!! :cowboy:

Score a TD or two while you’re at it - I want to see if the “lumberjack” can get the chain saw started on the first try this time!! :lol:

It is a perfect night for fall football!

Wonder how the Als would have fared in the W column if a both the Stamps and Ticats had shown up for a full four quarters in those two games! And they start out with a penalty but the OttRBs receivers still have the dropsies and they are 2 and out!

Did I hear them say that Burris doesn't have a throwing TD this season?

:thup: :thup: A little more like summer but considering it was not too evident this year we'll take it now! :D

Oooh that would have been a nice INT.

My goodness I can't believe how bad YOW's receivers are... :roll: ....we're so lucky here in YHM to have the likes of Fantuuuuz, Ellingson, giguere, grant, Tasker catching Zack's balls so consistently this season..... :thup:

No not this season at TD field apparently…

Just saw some replays of their game in Hamilton and he had some there but maybe he hasn’t had any at TD Place yet. Goodness knows their TD production at home has been pretty scarce! :oops:

Why isn't YOW wearing their signature helmet with their sig unis? I thought their helmets were supposed to be red plaid or something..... :?

Keep me updated boys and girls. My wife isn't feeling well and she just came down to watch a recorded Cuthroat Kitchen episode with her loving hubby.

Just realized that they were wearing their Signature unis. Good question. Helmets apparently were complicated to make with the plaid pattern so weren’t ready for the debut of the unis but that was at least a month ago and they were supposed to be ready when they wore them again.

OttRBs D needs to step up and not let Crompton march down the field - and THAT is what I mean - NICE INTERCEPTION Ottawa!!! :rockin:

Big pick by Simmons after the "J-Cro" props by Black. Typical. LOL

C'mon Ottawa - Punch it in for a TD!!! :cowboy:

YUL stops YOW on the goal line three times.... :roll:

Face mask penalty on the larks - no wonder cox was chirping C'mon REDBLACKS!!!!

Going for it on 3rd try and Montreal gives them another try!!! but Gott's penalty backs them up :thdn: