Larks at Spies Game Thread (Oct. 24, 2 pm et, TSN)

Drive stalls by WPG 20, Duval good from 28. 3-0 Als.

Alright, when will the first Bishop armpunt happen? I think it’ll be the 2nd quarter. We’ll see fans in first rows get some rec. yards first, I think. :slight_smile:

Als are going to figure it out quickly that if the Spies want to blitz a newbie QB, they are terribly vulnerable to Coubourg's running or screen passes

Good point.

Uh oh, Bishop got it right that time on deep pass to Bowman.

Interesting to see WPG go for FG on 3rd and 1 within the MTL 30. Quite the opposite of call made last night when blew team gambled deep in their territory.

Tie game.


Gord Miller: "When did you get conservative?"

Matt Dunigan: "When Michael Bishop is my quarterback."

:D :D :D

Nice return by Taylor, not surprising to see that. MTL starts at 50. Not far from FG range already.

Pinned deep. Armpunting time.

Cobourne stuffed on 2nd and 3, a little predictable there.

Nice punt by Duval to WPG 7 will hopefully lead to them thinking about conceding safety.

Time for a Bish end zone pick-six special!

Als have to neutralize Reid!

Granny alert on the sideline! LOL

Why is it not 21-0 Larks yet???

Close to a Bishopick

I think HTD is now here to keep track of how many get hit now. :slight_smile:

Ralph actually catching passes, but not that last one on the holding call.

No Bishop watch either, do I have to do everything??



You are the master LOL

Kelly texted Westwood... lmfao.. to cheap to pony up for the PHONE CALL??

Big return by Taylor

I thought you volunteered to do that. :slight_smile:

Loudest cheers from Canad Inns for Westwood coming in. They weren't so loud now that his net punting yard numbers not looking good now. :slight_smile:

Great return by Taylor

Pretty good kick for a pensioner!

But Taylor is instant field position!

LOL.. thanks Russ....

Howdy Boys

Any Bish mishaps I should know about??