Larks at Spies Game Thread (Oct. 24, 2 pm et, TSN)

Alouettes at Blue Bombers
Saturday at 2pm et/11am pt

Can Adrian McPherson excel in his first CFL start as Als QB? Will the Potentate of Pick continue his BC meltdown and allow the Als to go 14-2?

Tune in today to find out!

Oski Wee Wee,


I'm calling 0 TD's and 6 picks for Bishop today 8)

From the little I have seen of McPherson he has a much more honed arm. Bishop is just a circus freak.. strong arm and not much natural talent to back it up.

Lets hope the Als put a severe beating on the Spies. Go Als!@#

Cannon arm... zero brains....

Unfortunately, I think Winnipeg has the edge on my Als today, particularly if McPherson starts. He's talented kid and I am ecstatic to have him as our QB of the future, but he'll be facing a ferocious pass rush and a defensive secondary composed of veteran ball-hawks. As well, we are missing two-thirds of our starting LB corps (Emry to concussion-related symptoms, Ferri to a stomach virus), forcing us to use Guzman at OLB and Walter Spencer at MLB. And Sanchez is still out at corner, the position where DeAudra Dix got picked on quite frequently in the Hamilton game.

I think this game will come down to which team can make the fewest costly mistakes, rather than actively making huge plays. If Bishop limits himself to 1 or fewer turnovers, the Bombers will win. If he starts arm-punting, though, this game could get really interesting...:wink:

I think the Als will win big. The Bombers have been stinking up the joint at home all year. Guzman isn't a dropoff. Spencer will be fine with some help from Proux and Boulay.

The Al's will be looking to carry their momentum into the post season. They won't play lightly just because they clinched a playoff spot, they'll play just as tough as ever because that's how the Al's roll. They play the same wether they're out of the playoffs no matter what, in the playoffs no matter what or fighting for a playoff spot. GO ALS GO :rockin:

Heres hoping. :thup:

Go ALS Kick the spies butts's game preview is here: .

The gem: ""If you live in the past, I feel you die in the past," said Bombers' pivot Michael Bishop to CP."

Translation: those who do not learn from their divots, overthrows, and laserpicks are doomed to repeat them. Today. A lot.

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,


Obviously Bishop does not learn from his mistakes, he's been a career best 50% passer with almost double the INT's over TD's. We'll see if he adds more picks to the tally today and drops his % even more.

TSN's pre-game is on now.

On The Score is the Guelph-McMaster game where you can see a possible future Ticat as the P/K for the Gryphons. Maver will probably be gone after the first round, though. But anyway, it looks like we did not need a thread for that game.

Kickoff in Winnipeg coming up, go Als!


Hi. We should have more to posts to this thread than we have for other game threads for non-Ticat games, considering how much this matters to us.

Alright, game on. Pick up from where you left off, McPherson.

Its a sad day that the Cats need the Als to get the job done for them.

The Als WILL win it. They can’t afford a loss after a near loss last week.

With Hamilton beating Toronto yesterday and is now 7-9, I really hope Montreal doesnt slow down there toughness on Winnipeg. I dont think they will but we will see. Anthony Calvillo is still out but Adrian McPherson is capable of playing quarterback and has a bunch of amazing receivers to throw to and should be fine

Today and next week are the ONLY two weeks I will be cheering for Montreal to win. COME ON ALS!! beat them twice, Hamilton win at home against saskatchewan and that last week game for Hamilton wont matter for us in the end.


We’ve had sadder days.

And yes, I also think the Als want to make last week’s near-loss look like a fluke, and appear to be juggernauts, beasts of the east, etc.

Good start so far, McPherson completing passes. He had all day to throw that one to Watkins.

Al’s are moving the ball nicely so far

McPherson showed some veteran poise in that first drive. I love to see rookies play like that.