Larks at Shipwrecks Game Thread (Oct. 29, 7 pm et, TSN)

Alouettes at Argonauts (TSN)
Friday, October 29
7pm et/4pm pt
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We shall see what kind of "bounce back" the Als can get against the Wrecks. AC will likely sit out the season finale, so this will be his last start in the regular season to extract some statistical satisfaction. Can Toronto keep pace?

We shall see how this one shapes up -- and how the Cats react to it.

Oski Wee Wee,


I fully expect Montreal to SMASH the Argos. I think Montreal hates the beating they took last week from the Cats, and want to take it out on whomever. Sadly for the Argos, they will take the hit.

If the game turns out like that, the least result will be that Barker will have a tough time being regarded as Coach of the Year.

Another question is how will we react to a blew team loss, thereby giving us a lock on second place? Will the same fire and intensity in evidence against the Als be shown to the Stamps after the expected blew team loss? I certainly hope so. It would be great to continue the momentum into the playoffs. :thup: has an article on the Argos and how they win. Does they way they win make them worthy of respect as a Grey Cup contender? Does incessant Toronto media navel-gazing tripe about its sports teams make you want to regurgitate much, etc? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Here it is: .

Dr. Calvillo begins his work by 7:30. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ's game preview is at .

Argo's suck!!

Black is wrong re the standings -- Cats must lose both their games, Argos must win both of theirs or get a win-tie combination. A tie in the standings goes to Hamilton.

Black calls a fly pattern "a bit of a fly pattern." LMAO

Als ball on the Owens fumble.

Cue the beatdown? LOL

Thats what they call the Argo bounce!

Calvillo-to-Calhoon TD...that simple!

7-0 Als

Jeez, Rod Black sounds like he is going to cry.

Nobody BLOWS like the ARGO'S

Okay, Lemon turnover time!


Black: "How do you squeeze a lemon?"

Is this a blues song? LMAO

That what you get Parker for facemasking. LOL Argo's Suck!

Tentatively looks like it might be the best crowd of the season for Rogers Centre.

Dangerous facemasking attempt by Parker there -- I understand the need to make a tackle to stop the TD...but...

All to watch the get there A$$ kicked!