Larks at Shipwrecks Game Thread (August 14, 7:30 pm ET, TSN)

the argos defence is really really good, as AC and the als saw tonite.

the argos dont have to worry about the cats run game, since they dont have one…i predict alot of glenn INT’s.

Wow, listening to rod black describe the shipmen was like listening to pierre mcguire talk about sydney was quite difficult to listen to :x ....Well find a way to run against the guys from TO Im still not worried about the argos beating the Ticats.

the argos just thoughly beat the als, and your not worried? really?
the ticats have only beaten the bombers....thats it!

argos beat the als, stamps, eskies, lions and bombers.....

get worried!

this aint gonna be no bomber

gonna be a very very very good game, and i can't wait...have i said that already? :lol:

Drummer boy you dont understand, youre obviously not a Ticat matter how "good" the shippers might be and how slow of a start the Ticats might have had, its always a belief that we will smoke the canoe club! Its in our blood as Ticats fans!

Dam, missed the game figuring it was going to be an Als kicking. WOW is all I can say. have to see if it is on again later tonight.

Ok, what is going on with this blue team for pete sakes? That team can play, even without Copeland after he went down. Oh boy, they are a team to be respected. Durie's catch, nice job.

We are going to have to have our A game agains't these guys all season long.

Holy moly,I only seen the highlights on TSN;I was not expecting that.
Not only did Toronto look good but Montreal looked bad.

8) For sure Earl.
 The Argos are for real !!   

 Barker has turned them around quickly.

Hate to say it but the blue team look better and better each game. They are aggressive on both sides of the ball and play as a team.
That 110 year punt return for a TD by Christian was one of the best I have seen. The blocking was something to see. The replay should be kept by every team in the league as a text-book example.
The most impressive part of it all is how they managed to recruit such good players during the off-season and then turn them into such a great team so quickly.
Lemon is brand new to the CFL and even though is not spectacular he gets the job done.
Kudo's to Jim Barker.

I half agree with you (your first half). But, you're deep in dreamland if you believe WPG and BC are both going to win in MTL.

I did not see the game but looking at the stats, one of the eye opening numbers is Calvillo went 37-49 for 450 yards. NOt often you have those kind of numbers and lose. By contrast, Lemon went 13-19 for 269 yards. The argo's doubled the als in rushing yards.

so what does that have to do with anything? the Argos still won!! The old saying statistics are for losers...........
When a team is playing "catch up" and abandons the run game................they can rack up yardage.

Calvillo's finger holds up but Argos hold up the finger. :lol:

Unless Cobb runs the way he did in the second half against Winnipeg. Someone told him something he didn't like because he was running angry for the first time ever. He was embracing the contact.

This is the CFL. It seems to happen fairly often. Or is that just us?

Calgary @ Hamilton, July 10 - Glenn, 26/34, 356 yds
Hamilton @ Saskatchewan, July 31 - Glenn, 31/45, 425 yds

Both were losses from this year. And wasn't there a game last year against the Als that we lost even though we had over 400 yds passing and over a hundred on the ground?