Larks at Shipwrecks Game Thread (August 14, 7:30 pm ET, TSN)

This so far is surely a game of suprises.

Looks like all of our yardage next week will be through the air again. Argos aren't giving anything up on the ground.

I'll say it again...this is an exciting Argos team. Hate to say it -- but 'tis true.

Argos got to fall apart any time now. There is just no way they're going to beat Montreal (I hope :? ).

Does it make anybody else sick that both Willie Middlebrooks & Byron Parker were FA's in the off season & we chose to start Shivers & Tisdale instead of signing them?? :x

This is going to be tough the next two weeks if Blue keeps playing like this.
I still think we're up to it.

Well, looks like the blue team is real enough for a ten point lead at the half. Not just AC’s finger is out of joint tonight. The only thing worse than watching a blue team victory is Rod Black calling it. Thankfully, ‘Rudy’ is playing on Sportsnet.

Argos are good, but Montreal looks flat.
The Argos will come back down to earth soon.....

I don't know. I see a lot of desire in these guys. The Als... not so much.

Okay i REALLY hate the argos right now.

Can’t wait till we play them next week. Labour Day too.

wow, the next two games between the tiger-cats and argos are gonna be something special!

Wow!! I've never seen a man so open. There was no one within 15 yds of him.

WTF!!!! How are these guys winning?

Friday the 13th was yesterday.

They're winning because they're playing one hell of a game in all three phases.
I'm really looking forward to next week. It should be a great competition.

This could be a positive. What’s the chances the Argos will play this good two weeks in a row?

The Cats will have to come out prepared and play even better than they have the last 2 weeks. That's getting the running game going immediately, no costly turnovers and our secondary has to play better.

I wasn't willing to say it until tonight but the Argos are for real.

The good thing about a Toronto victory tonight is that the Cats potentially have the opportunity to play for 1st on Labour Day depending on a couple of results between now and then...

argos and ticats; 2 teams on fire with 2 game win streaks. argo's ground-and-pound game vs tigercat's air-show!

argos are 3-0 at the skydome and have beaten both the Als and Stamps ( and eskies, bombers and lions ).
the tabbies have only defeated winnipeg.

edge; argos.

Air show always beats a ground game in the CFL. :thup:

If you think Bruce has been unstoppable the past few weeks, wait until he plays the team that traded him!

So pumped for Labour Day!!! Finally! Gonna be fun!