Larks at Pies Game Thread, Fri Sept. 12, 8:30 pm et

Fri September 12
Montreal at Edmonton

This is a big game for Edmonton and Montreal -- for different reasons. The Esks want to reverse their Labour Day back-to-back slump against the Stamps, while the Als need to build on their win last week against the Cats to keep pace with Toronto. Mike Reilly is scheduled to start for Edmonton at QB despite a nagging hand injury.'s preview of tonight's tilt is at .

Oski Wee Wee,


Here's to the Larks getting their wings clipped by the Pies!

Well the larks first session on offense was short lived. Let's see if the EE can put some points on the board - apparently not - 2 and out!

Early but not the most riveting game so far. EE on the board with a safety after pinning the larks deep and keeping them to 2 & out again! EE now starting their drive near mid field.

O'Neill with the FG extends the EE lead 5-0 Pies.
End of the first quarter and the larks with -3 yds on offense and of course NO FDs. EE no great shakes with only 4

Score? Will get to tune in shortly after finishing watching an old Fred Astaire movie with my wife on the Tube.

Whyte with a FG to put the larks on the board after they manage a short drive. 5-3 Pies

Looks like another exc iting game. Turned it on as I read your post.

O'Neill goes wide with his second FG attempt to gain a single point - 6-3 Pies.

Doesn't look like I missed much while watching the Jays get shut out 1 - 0. Low scores everywhere. lol

Just before the 3 minute warning the pies fumble the ball with the larks recovering. Sticky Stala hauls in a 20 yd catch but the drive doesn't go much further. EE deep in their own end with 1 minute to half time.

Larks with good field position after the pies kick it away out of their own end zone. Make a couple of plays and get the Whyte FG to tie the score going into the break. 6-6 And no it isn't hockey or baseball :lol:

Both teams COMBINED have under 200 yds of offense in the first half!! (76 Larks/116 Pies) :oops:

Three players that are making a huge impact, Knapton, Beneville, Bowman and Crompton.

Jones must have lit a fire under the Pies at half time. Stamps with a HUGE 54 PU and the pies are in the red zone but can they score the major? Apparently not. On 2nd and 8 the pass to Stamps is broken up in the end zone. O'Neill adds 3. 9-6 Pies.

Please Pies don't lose to the Larks.

We could be done if MTL wins here.

My sentiments exactly!!!

Willis up to his old tricks I see!

The FG Bowl!! Whyte evens the score 9-9 :roll:

Here's to the shmoes not choking like the cats did last week! :thup:

Esks land a 31 yard beard to make it 12-9

What a disgrace that TsN has to have nfl commercials during CFL games.... :thdn: :oops: :x