Larks at Nags Game Thread, Sat. June 28, 3:00 pm et

These were some of the knocks against him while at Ohio State. The Als do have to get him on the edges because his pocket passing is underwhelming at the moment.

Troy Smith is getting all Akili Smith all of a sudden.

Bennett is ballin' out there for sure!

The ref said it was under review by the command centre, not a coach's challenge.
Did I miss something?
Did they make turnovers subject to automatic review this year, like scoring plays?

Yeah it was an automatic review. My bad. I had a brief interruption in my feed and assumed the replay was a challenge from Higgins. All turnovers are supposed to be subject to review now by the command centre.

Yeah, I wasn't trying to correct you.
I just don't recall hearing about this rule change and was surprised when it was an automatic review.

Als Oline is not what it used to be. Loss of Flory & Ola definitely being felt. RT Jeff Perrett having trouble.

Not laying it all on their Oline as Troy Smith is not on his game, but I just think what used to be a real strength in Montreal is now an issue.

If Troy Smith continues to play like this the Als are going nowhere this season.
Time to watch the Columbia/Uruguay WC game.

There's something to chew on!

1-0 Columbia after 40 minutes. That slipped. LMAO

Venezuela adds 3. Stamps up 14 Zip.

Is it me or does Rick Worman look better as this unfolds today?

Whyte strikes back with the dreaded rouge weapon...15-1 Stamps now.

Ex-TiCat Charbonneau-Campeau with a reception & big YAC!

Drink a Laurentide!

Cornish 18 yard TD run. Stamps up 22-1

His pants stayed up if anyone was wondering.

Cornish rumbles in -- 22-1 Stamps. This one is done that way the Als have played, particularly on offense. Troy Smith and co. need to show something.

Yep ... think it's time for a quick swim and get ready for Game 2!

I'm betting the Pies upset the Leos @ BC Place!

Vicious clothes-line tackle by Hebert on Cornish! There’ll be fines/suspensions for that!

Cornish being taken away in an ambulance!

That was vicious!

Hebert DQ’d and out of the game. He’ll prolly get suspended!

No ambulance for Cornish. Straight to the locker room.

I see some people saying that was all Lewis' fault for the ear-hole block on Brouilette. Total garbage! One was a legal football play ... the other a cheap shot!

UGLY clothesline by Hebert on Cornish. Stupid play!